The mammoth asteroid set to fly by Earth last night just disappeared

Last night, a giant asteroid was supposed to streak by the Earth, close enough for us to catch a glimpse as it zipped by. Except it never showed, and now astronomers say they have no idea just where the 900-foot asteroid has gone. » 2/18/14 3:40pm 2/18/14 3:40pm

Watch a live feed of a giant asteroid as it zips by earth today

It's an asteroid the length of three football fields, it's traveling at over 27,000 MPH, and it will be swinging pretty near to our own planet tonight — not close enough to touch (fortunately), but plenty close enough to get an eyeful. You can watch it here! » 2/17/14 12:17pm 2/17/14 12:17pm

Today's is the last total solar eclipse until 2015 — here's how to watch

Do you live in northern Australia? Lucky you — you're one of the few people on Earth who will be able to watch today's solar eclipse in person. For everyone else, your best bet is to watch it unfold online. The total solar eclipse (the last to occur before March 2015) is set to begin today at 15:35 ET (20:35 GMT). Hit… » 11/13/12 10:35am 11/13/12 10:35am