NASA's New Rocket Booster Is A Firebreathing God of Thunder

NASA successfully live-fired the new booster for its Space Launcher System today. It's the largest, most powerful booster ever built, putting one hell of a scorch mark into the desert. And yes, there's a video. » 3/12/15 2:02am 3/12/15 2:02am

Here's NASA's Deep Space Rocket Booster In Action, On The Ground

It's the most powerful rocket booster ever built, could be our best bet to set a foot down on Mars, and it just successfully fired up in this test explosion not out in the wilds of space, but right here on the ground — and you can see it in action in these incredible pictures. » 3/11/15 10:20am 3/11/15 10:20am

World’s Most Powerful Solid Booster Set for Test Firing March 11

All systems are go for the inaugural ground test firing on March 11 of the world's most powerful solid rocket booster ever built that will one day power NASA's mammoth new Space Launch System (SLS) heavy lift rocket and propel astronauts to deep space destinations. » 3/08/15 9:15am 3/08/15 9:15am

Watching Water Burst This Stressed Rocket Part Is Strangely Satisfying

Sometimes, all a day really needs is a nice video of rocket components exploding during stress-testing. Why, hello there Space Launch System! Did your booster composite case get over-pressurized with water to test how the materials would withstand launch-strain? Perfect! » 2/18/15 1:31am 2/18/15 1:31am

Obama Dreams of Space, But Where's the Money for a Mars Expedition?

During the State of the Union address, President Obama said stirring things about human spaceflight and the future. But these are the same dreams we've been talking about for years, and without more funding for NASA these dreams will fizzle instead of coming true. » 1/20/15 11:45pm 1/20/15 11:45pm

Space Shuttle Engines Start Hot Fire Tests For New Space Launch System

It lives! The RS-25 rocket engines from the space shuttle have been repurposed for the Space Launch System, NASA's rocket for deep space exploration. The engines hot fired for the first time since 2009 in this 500-second burn. » 1/11/15 2:21pm 1/11/15 2:21pm

Watch The 3D Animated Lift-Off Of The Rocket That Will Take Us To Mars

NASA recently gave the green light to develop the Space Launch System, which will be the most powerful rocket ever built. The anticipated launch date is 2018, but you can watch it now in this stunning preview produced by the Marshall Space Flight Center. » 9/12/14 1:20pm 9/12/14 1:20pm

NASA Sets A 2018 Launch Date For The Rocket That Will Take Us To Mars

Three years after its unveiling, NASA managers have approved the development of the rocket that will carry astronauts into deep space. Called the Space Launch System (SLS), the heavy-lift rocket will be the most powerful ever built, and is designed to launch the next generation of space explorers to deep-space… » 8/30/14 8:30am 8/30/14 8:30am

Humans Have Been Going to the Moon for Almost Half a Century

Forty-five years ago today, Apollo 11 launched from Kennedy Space Center on humanity's first crewed mission to the surface of the moon. This view of Earth was captured from Apollo soon after translunar injection, just as the spacecraft was breaking away from our planet's orbit. » 7/16/14 10:20am 7/16/14 10:20am

New images of NASA's deep-space rocket reveal an absolute behemoth

Late last year, NASA announced plans to develop its next generation launch system. As the space agency's latest renderings show, this monstrous rocket will truly be able to take us to Mars — and well beyond. » 1/15/14 2:40pm 1/15/14 2:40pm

NASA is testing the rocket engines that will take us back to the Moon…

This is the J2-X. The liquid-fuel cryogenic rocket engine is the modernized version of the J-2, which NASA used in the late-'60s and early-'70s to thrust humans beyond low Earth orbit. (Click any image below for hi-res.) » 2/14/13 9:40am 2/14/13 9:40am

NASA's RS-25D space shuttle engines are downright incredible to behold

Remember the picture of the Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne engines that looked an awful lot like a band of Daleks in disguise? That picture may have done a good job of making space shuttle engines look like a bunch of malevolent cyborgs, but there wasn't really anything in the photo to give you a sense of just how… » 1/18/12 1:45pm 1/18/12 1:45pm

Six Daleks are en route to NASA's Stennis Space Center disguised as…

NASA says they're "Pratt Whitney Rocketdyne engines" from space shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis... but we think they look an awful lot like incognito Dalek shipping containers. » 1/12/12 8:45am 1/12/12 8:45am