Why Venus is the Second-Most Inhabitable Planet in Our Solar System

Last week, I told you about Tobias Buckell's awesome new space zombies vs. alien-enhanced ninja novel, Sly Mongoose »8/19/08 1:18pm8/19/08 1:18pm. The book hits stores this week, and SF author John Scalzi invited Buckell to write something about what inspired the novel. Buckell says that he owes it all to a NASA scientist named Geoff Landis, who…

The Political Economy of A Zombie-Infested Floating City

If there's anything better than a ninja fighting zombies, it's a ninja with alien-tech-enhanced powers nuking space zombies infected by a plague of collective murderous consciousness. And I haven't even gotten to the part about floating cities on a Venus-like planet covered in sulfur-specked clouds. That's the beauty… »8/11/08 10:00am8/11/08 10:00am

Watch Jeff Carlson Kill, and See Aliens Get Laid — In Book Trailers

It seems like nobody can release a book without making a trailer for it, and now the trailers themselves have become a kind of art form. You've got the relatively high production values of the trailer we've got here, for Jeff Carlson's new book Plague War, directed by Adad Warda and featuring the author reenacting… »7/17/08 4:37pm7/17/08 4:37pm