Romance Fail: The Worst Fictional Pairings, and Why They Happen

Romance abounds in fiction — and science fiction and fantasy are full of epic romances too. But sometimes, it's just a bad idea. We see so many fictional couples that the writers clearly thought were a great idea, but are actually disasters. Here are the main signs that a fictional romance is a terrible, awful, bad… » 2/14/14 12:00pm 2/14/14 12:00pm

10 Superman Villains Who Really Aren't in the Man of Steel's League

We've been hearing rumors that a couple of Superman villains will fight Supes, Wonder Woman and Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. But not all Superman villains are really up to the task of fighting Superman, let alone the Trinity. Here are 10 Superman villains who really should have picked on a lesser hero. » 12/11/13 10:13am 12/11/13 10:13am

Marvel turns it up to Infinity in This Week’s Comics

It’s bad news in the Marvel U. this week, as the Infinity event begins! Reality is breaking down, half the Avengers are fighting a war in space, and worst of all, Thanos is back! Meanwhile, Wonder Woman comes to Smallville, Saga continues and Buck Rogers returns from the 25th century, all in this week’s comic releases! » 8/13/13 3:20pm 8/13/13 3:20pm

12 Things That Ruined Superman

Superman is the original superhero, and he's still one of the most iconic heroes in any genre. But even though everybody loves Superman, everybody also talks about how hard he is to get right. You can practically hear the wheel-and-pulley sound of everybody lowering their expectations for Man of Steel. That's not just… » 1/31/13 9:34am 1/31/13 9:34am

Are we at the start of a new golden age of superhero TV shows?

Eight episodes in, Arrow is officially a mega-hit, at least by The CW's standards. And not only that, but Arrow is actually... pretty decent. The Christopher Nolan-inspired "gritty" superhero soap opera manages to be addictive fun, blending some solid action with the kind of relationship drama that makes Vampire Diaries » 12/07/12 9:00am 12/07/12 9:00am

The 20 Best Cliffhangers Ever Shown on Science Fiction or Fantasy TV

The best science fiction and fantasy television hooks you with endless suspense... including hair-raising cliffhangers. But only the greatest cliffhangers can make you throw your remote at the screen, and keep you wondering for weeks. Here are the 20 awesomest. » 11/22/12 10:00am 11/22/12 10:00am

Are the best TV shows made from books these days? And what's next?

Almost every day, it seems like we hear about another new TV show based on a book or graphic novel series. Just today, it was announced that NBC is moving forward with a show based on the fantastic Vertigo comic Midnight, Mass. (This is the third attempt at a Midnight, Mass show — read our thoughts on why it's a great… » 9/20/12 2:39pm 9/20/12 2:39pm

15 Science Fiction and Fantasy Characters Who Found Success After…

A lot of the characters we love from science fiction and fantasy learned how to harness their powers and intellect in school: skilled wizards, mad scientists with PhDs in horribleness, carefully trained military officers, mutant superheroes who studied T.H. White. But there are plenty of heroes and villains who started … » 9/01/12 1:00pm 9/01/12 1:00pm

10 TV Shows that Survived After Their Original Showrunners Left

We're watching the final ever episodes of True Blood with Alan Ball at the helm right now — Ball is stepping away for next season. And soon enough, we'll get to see what Community looks like without Dan Harmon as showrunner. In other words, the televisual sky is falling! » 8/08/12 2:52pm 8/08/12 2:52pm

How will Arrow escape the curse of superhero TV shows?

Television is littered with failed superhero TV shows. If you don't count Person of Interest, then only the only successful superhero shows of the past decade are Smallville and (for a while) Heroes. So how will Arrow, the new DC Comics adaptation launching on the CW this fall, avoid the curse of the superhero show?… » 7/20/12 3:51pm 7/20/12 3:51pm

In this week's comics, China Miéville pens superheroes and Smallville

Happy May, readers! Before we begin, remember that it is Free Comic Book Day this Saturday, May 5. You can read all about FBCD here and check out a preview of the FCBD Serenity comic at this link. » 5/01/12 8:05am 5/01/12 8:05am

Smallville is back from the dead as a comic book, cue sad trombones

It's been a fairly depressing morning, what with all that incurable gonorrhea and feline mind control. Here's some more toe-tapping news. This spring, Smallville will take a cue from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and resurrect itself as a comic by former story editor and Batgirl scribe Bryan Q. Miller. » 2/09/12 7:25am 2/09/12 7:25am