Friday's Smallville was like the Wicker (Super)Man!

Last week's spooky Smallville was some insane amalgam of The Wicker Man, Robin Williams' Jack, and Tommy Wiseau's The Room. It combined country bumpkin human sacrifices with a creepy turbo-aging Lex Luthor with softcore erotica...with Superman! » 11/01/10 2:50pm 11/01/10 2:50pm

Season 10 of Smallville = the birth of Superman, Man of Adorable…

Friday's episode of Smallville, "Isis," was a villain-of-the-week tale punctuated by moments of intense cuteness. Smallville is at its best with a little levity, but man, they are layering on the love. Also, Green Arrow got his own breakfast cereal! » 10/24/10 9:55am 10/24/10 9:55am

The 200th episode of Smallville = James Marsters, time travel, and a…

Friday's Smallville, "Homecoming," was a change of pace from what we've seen thus far this season. An old villain returned in an unexpected way, Clark flash-forwarded to the Metropolis of 2017, and 90% of the episode took place in Smallville. » 10/17/10 1:10pm 10/17/10 1:10pm

On Friday's Smallville, Darkseid possessed Glenn Beck and Lois Lane…

Last Friday's Smallville, "Supergirl," was an insane hodgepodge. Kara came back to lecture Clark and take glamour shots, Lois masqueraded as a dominatrix at Club Desaad, and Darkseid took over an ersatz Glenn Beck who called superheroes "mutants." Whuh? » 10/11/10 10:50am 10/11/10 10:50am

On Smallville, Deadshot takes aim at Clark (who dons new duds)

The latest episode of Smallville, "Shield," maintained the rapid pace of the season premiere by introducing a slew of "Smallvillized" DC characters like Deadshot and Cat Grant. Also, Clark ditches the trenchcoat for a snazzy new jacket. » 10/03/10 9:30pm 10/03/10 9:30pm

The season premiere of Smallville is like True Blood (without the…

"Lazarus," the first episode of Smallville's tenth and final season, resurrects old foes and introduces new nasties. It also packs a million things into a scant 60 minutes, but this rapid-fire pacing ultimately works. Here's our 99% spoiler-free review. » 9/24/10 11:00am 9/24/10 11:00am

Clark Kent Is Jesus Christ Superman

On the Smallville season finale - "Salvation" - the messiah metaphors were groan-worthy, the action was gee-whiz, one star's face was blown off, and there was a slew of spandex-clad set-up for next season. Spoilers on! » 5/15/10 5:53pm 5/15/10 5:53pm

On Smallville, Mother's Day Is A Conspiracy

On Friday's Smallville, Martha Kent stopped by the farm (with Perry White in tow), Maxwell Lord practiced some psychic surgery, the identity of the Red Queen is revealed, and everyone (and their mother) needs the Book of Rao. Spoilers on! » 5/10/10 3:27pm 5/10/10 3:27pm

This Week's Smallville Had None Of The Levity Of Superman 3

On Friday's Smallville, "Sacrifice," a bunch of characters died, one hero was mutilated, and a certain femme fatale kicked it (only to come back from the dead minutes later). Richard Pryor with a sombrero this show ain't. Spoilers ahead. » 5/03/10 5:30pm 5/03/10 5:30pm

Clark Kent Is A Good Superhero But A Crummy Boyfriend

On Friday's Smallville – "Charade" – Lois finds herself betwixt allegiances to Clark and the Blur, Maxwell Lord showed up to brain-drain Lois, and our reporters get canned from the Daily Planet. Also, never date Clark Kent. He'll stalk ya. » 4/26/10 3:18pm 4/26/10 3:18pm

On Smallville, Zod Is Kryptonian Jesus

On last Friday's Smallville ("Upgrade"), Metallo jumped up to get beat down, Clark acted like a creepy boyfriend (both with and without the influence of red Kryptonite), and Zod became the new Kryptonian messiah. » 4/19/10 3:04pm 4/19/10 3:04pm

When It’s Superman Vs. Jackie Brown, Television Wins

After last week's Smallville (in which Clark explained how he could control his supersonic orgasms), this week's episode - "Checkmate" - was a nice palate cleanser. It wasn't revolutionary, but where else can you see Pam Grier versus Martian Manhunter? » 4/12/10 6:47pm 4/12/10 6:47pm

On Smallville, Everyone Must Get Laid!

On last Friday's Smallville, every main character got laid, Clark stammered cryptically about dirty dancing lessons he got from Jor-El, and Silver Banshee showed up to die immediately. It was exactly like the 1950s George Reeves serials, but with fornication. » 4/05/10 4:30pm 4/05/10 4:30pm

Absolute Justice Entertains Absolutely... Well, Almost

If Smallville: Absolute Justice was a stealth pilot for a Justice Society show, we're in... But not until someone works out a way to make Hawkman look less ridiculous with those giant wings of his. Spoilers! » 2/06/10 12:00pm 2/06/10 12:00pm

Death Comes To Smallville

Alas, poor Smallville supporting character. We knew you well, but that wasn't enough to save you from Doomsday (in a very literal sense). But that's not all that happened in last night's finale. Spoilers! » 5/15/09 11:37am 5/15/09 11:37am

The Future Comes To Smallville - So Why Does It Seem So Familiar?

Last night saw the return of Smallville with the show's most anticipated episode this season for comic geeks. But how did the Legion of Super-Heroes (and writer Geoff Johns) hold up in their series debut? » 1/16/09 12:00pm 1/16/09 12:00pm

The Week's Smallville Joins The Lonely Hearts Club Band

There's no way to get around it: this week's Smallville » 10/10/08 12:00pm 10/10/08 12:00pm was a return to the campy old days when they'd just steal the plot of a movie, make it a little more family friendly, insert a DC Comics character and then hope that no-one would notice. This time around, Maxima came to Earth searching for her perfect man, but…

Smallville Doesn't Care About Green People. Thankfully.

Last night's Smallville » 10/03/08 1:40pm 10/03/08 1:40pm didn't just give you a very rushed version of the origin of Green Arrow, it also gave any over-partying celeb the perfect excuse for whatever drunken behavior they want. Just stumble forward into someone's arms and remember to say these magic words: "I've been poisoned... I only have twelve…

Everything Old Is New Again On Smallville

Last night's Smallville » 9/26/08 3:17pm 9/26/08 3:17pm managed the impressive feat of simultaneously feel like an episode of the first few seasons of the show with their "meteor freak of the week" format while also demonstrating how far (some) characters have come in the last few years of the series. They also introduced the hunky new medic who's…

Smallville Finale Shows No Love For Characters

Last night's season finale for Smallville ended on a big "I love you but I have to do this" cliffhanger (as Smallville so often does). Find out if Lana and Clark get back together, what terrible thing happens to Chloe (something always does), what's Lex plotting, and why Kara has been so moody lately. Full recap of… » 5/16/08 12:05pm 5/16/08 12:05pm