Marvel At The Lost World Of "Supermarket Spaceships" 

The Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine has a cool photo essay of "supermarket spaceships," publicity-seeking mock-ups of rocketships that were paraded around to supermarket openings, state fairs, and the like in the 1950s. » 1/28/15 12:20pm 1/28/15 12:20pm

Technology marches on: The Smithsonian is working to digitize proofs used to print money from 1863-1930. What used to take 15 minutes and $10 dollars a sheet now costs less than a dollar per sheet for the 3,5000 sheets they digitize a day. [Smithsonian Magazine] » 1/15/15 4:30am 1/15/15 4:30am

The original Enterprise model from Star Trek is undergoing renovations before being moved to main entrance of the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum. You can read an interview with the conservator leading the preservation project, Dr. Margaret Weitekamp, at Trek Core. » 12/31/14 3:00am 12/31/14 3:00am

These Electrifying Photos Celebrate 50 Years Of USA's Wilderness Act

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History is running a photo contest to determine which images will be featured in a special exhibition. Here are some of our favorites. » 9/05/14 9:00am 9/05/14 9:00am

These baby red pandas are quite possibly the cutest things on the planet right now. They were born last week at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, which has recently experienced a kind of endangered species baby boom. The facility also welcomed a short-eared elephant shrew, a fishing cat, three loggerhead… » 6/13/14 8:20am 6/13/14 8:20am

The Parliament-Funkadelic Mothership Is Landing at the Smithsonian

A replica of the 1970s Mothership will be displayed at the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture. It'll be located at museum's Musical Crossroads gallery and displayed with music and concert footage of the Mothership on stage. As if we needed more of a reason to go to D.C.'s museums. » 6/05/14 11:00pm 6/05/14 11:00pm

Ask A Paleontologist All Your Questions About Dinosaurs!

Matthew Carrano, curator for the Dinosauria exhibit at the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History, is here to answer all our questions about dinosaurs! » 4/25/14 8:20am 4/25/14 8:20am

Creationists Say Smithsonian Is Pushing "Religion of Naturalism"

Young-Earth creationist Ken Ham—whose non-profit organization has benefited from millions of dollars in subsidies and tax breaks—says that the Smithsonian's recent acquisition of a nearly complete T-Rex fossil is an egregious use of American tax dollars to fund "the religion of naturalism." » 4/22/14 2:30pm 4/22/14 2:30pm

Can You Dance Like a T. Rex?

The Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History is adding a T. rex to their collections, and to celebrate it, they've had Ray Troll and The Ratfish Wranglers record a song that they're calling "National Rex." What they need is a dance that goes along with it - a T. Rex Two-Step, if you will. » 4/08/14 4:13pm 4/08/14 4:13pm

"It's basically a dolphin trying very hard to be a walrus"

Meet the walrus-whale, the extinct species of ancient whale, that looked a little like a cross between a dolphin and a walrus, and once roamed the oceans. Oh, for a time-traveling, whale-watching expedition! » 2/27/14 4:20pm 2/27/14 4:20pm

These images of Mars are just unspeakably gorgeous.

It's been 10 years since Spirit and Opportunity, our two intrepid robot-representatives in space, began roving across the surface of Mars to see what they could see — now some of the very best images are being sent over to live at the Smithsonian as part of an exhibit of images from Mars. » 1/10/14 10:16am 1/10/14 10:16am

The Smithsonian adds Halo 2600 and Flower videogames to its collection

Calling videogames "a compelling avant-garde performance space, activated by artists and players alike" (catchy!), the Smithsonian said that Halo 2600 and Flower would be joining the national collection of American art as part of an art of videogames exhibit — and they're just the beginning. » 12/18/13 7:20am 12/18/13 7:20am

You Can Now 3D Print Your Own Wooly Mammoth

This is incredible. The Smithsonian has released a new 3D modeling tool, complete with scans of some of its most famous objects. The scans themselves are pretty gorgeous, with aerial and rotating views (check one out below the fold), but the coolest application is that you can use it to 3D print your own artifacts.… » 11/14/13 9:10am 11/14/13 9:10am

Watch two grumpy National Zoo tiger cubs take their swim tests

Before they can become part of National Zoo's exhibit, Sumatran tiger cubs have to show that they can swim in the exhibits moat. Watch two unhappy cubs get their feet—and the rest of their bodies—wet. » 11/09/13 9:30am 11/09/13 9:30am

Compare 1836 and modern-day New York with this interactive map

Travel back in time with this interactive map of New York, which lets you take a spyglass to any part of the city and uncover what that circle of space looked like in 1836. » 9/07/13 9:30am 9/07/13 9:30am

Do you know more about science than the average American?

Feeling science-savvy? Take Pew Research Center’s 13 question Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz and see where you stand against a representative sampling of Americans. » 4/24/13 7:00am 4/24/13 7:00am

Ten Bizarre Tales of Taxidermy

Taxidermy is a skill and art form that many think is plenty weird all on its own, even though it was practiced by luminaries like Charles Darwin and Theodore Roosevelt. It stretches from the lows of PT Barnum's Feejee Mermaid to the highs of the myriad museums of natural history to the macabre artistry of rogue… » 3/10/13 7:00am 3/10/13 7:00am

And now, enjoy an elephant playing the harmonica

When inspiration strikes, Shanthi, an elephant living at Washington, DC's National Zoo, moseys over to a harmonica and plays a jaunty tune. See if you could dance to elephant-composed music in the video above. » 5/06/12 11:00am 5/06/12 11:00am

Breathtaking new photos of Space Shuttle Discovery preparing for its…

For the last several days, Space Shuttle Discovery has been preparing for one final flight. Tomorrow, weather permitting, Discovery will make the trip from Florida's Kennedy Space Center to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Chantilly, VA from atop a repurposed Boeing 747… » 4/16/12 2:00pm 4/16/12 2:00pm

When the Smithsonian discovered an ancient Egyptian colony in the Grand…

Did Egyptians cross the Pacific Ocean and wander the American Southwest thousands of years ago? In the early 20th century, claims of such a discovery were made by two Smithsonian-funded archaeologists, who spoke of a thriving civilization tucked within a series of caverns carved into the side of a remote portion of… » 1/13/12 7:35am 1/13/12 7:35am