These sculptures reveal the muscles, bones, and organs inside toys

The internal spaces of toys are made up of cotton, plastic, and air. But these amazing sculptures reveal an entire re-imagined internal anatomy for our favorite toys — ranging from Lego man, to My Little Pony, to Barbie — complete with bones, detailed musculature, and internal organs. » 1/14/14 12:49pm 1/14/14 12:49pm

The Most Exciting Stories About Worlds Ruled by One Gender

If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, then it would be several decades before someone created the space travel technology for men and women to finally meet. Perhaps that's why so many writers, moviemakers and artists have imagined places where only one gender run their worlds. These stories illustrate that… » 11/14/13 12:26pm 11/14/13 12:26pm

Smurfs 2: The Last Seduction of Smurfette

Short of a Strawberry Shortcake snuff film, you couldn't imagine a more cynical and soul-destroying repackaging of a 1980s cartoon than the Smurfs movie from two years ago. And now they're back. This time around, we're focusing on Smurfette, the only female Smurf, and it's actually sort of interesting. » 8/02/13 12:36pm 8/02/13 12:36pm

Australia Is the Latest Victim of the Global Smurf Crime Conspiracy

No one knows why the Smurfs went bad. Did Gargamel get ahold of them? Did they run out of Smurfberries and go madcrazy Did someone put Aggravated Assault Smurf in charge? All we know is that Australia is the latest country to suffer a Smurf-perpetuated crime. » 1/11/13 10:40am 1/11/13 10:40am

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' soul evaporate a little more in the first

You'd better hope Joss Whedon gets around to filming Dr. Horrible 2 soon — or else Neil Patrick Harris may already have lost too much of his inner soul essence to those all-devouring blue plastic monstrosities. NPH is filming a sequel to last year's The Smurfs, and here's your first set photo. Looks like a wedding? Or… » 7/10/12 4:26pm 7/10/12 4:26pm

More Movies That The CW Could Turn Into Teenage Soap Operas

Now that The Hunger Games is breaking box office records, one thing's for sure: The CW is going to be racing forward with its TV version of Hunger Games, called The Selection. We can only hope it goes as amazingly bonkers as The CW's answer to Twilight, The Vampire Diaries. Plus if you consider Arrow to be The CW's… » 3/26/12 3:32pm 3/26/12 3:32pm

In Ecuador, insane giant sculptures of The Hulk and Hellboy invade on…

For New Year's Eve in Ecuador, massive paper-and-wood figures known as "años viejos" (Spanish for "old years") are burnt to usher out the past 365 days. These elaborate sculptures depict everyone from Chucky the evil doll to Cable from the X-Men, who are all summarily incinerated as the clock runs down. » 12/28/11 8:50pm 12/28/11 8:50pm