Smurfs 2 trailer goes to war for the soul of Smurfette

The Smurfs 2 trailer is out, and, as expected, it looks horrible. There's the creepy Gargamel (who has been trapped in New York City since the last movie), Smurf-essence and now little albino versions of the Smurfs called The Naughties. And don't worry, that terrifying CG cat face is also still around. Here's the… »12/18/12 11:30am12/18/12 11:30am

Watch Neil Patrick Harris' soul evaporate a little more in the first Smurfs 2 set photo

You'd better hope Joss Whedon gets around to filming Dr. Horrible 2 soon — or else Neil Patrick Harris may already have lost too much of his inner soul essence to those all-devouring blue plastic monstrosities. NPH is filming a sequel to last year's The Smurfs, and here's your first set photo. Looks like a wedding? Or… »7/10/12 7:26pm7/10/12 7:26pm