10 Decent Movies That Were Doomed by Unfair Memes

Sometimes a movie sparks everybody's imagination months before it comes out. When a film gets talked about, that's usually a good thing — and it's an even better thing when it becomes the subject of memes and ideas. Unless those memes totally misrepresent what the movie's about, and wind up killing all interest in… » 1/17/13 11:10am 1/17/13 11:10am

A real snake on a real plane forces real pilot to make real emergency…

Fiction is intruding on reality and the very fabric of existence is at risk of being rent in twain! Say "what?" again! Wait, no. Motherfucking snakes and planes and such! » 12/05/12 11:20am 12/05/12 11:20am

Bat on a plane, snake in an MRI tube

Reminiscent, in a general way, of the film Snakes on a Plane, here are two recent (or fairly recent) instances of scary (if you find them scary) animals interacting with humans inside a machine. » 8/13/11 2:35pm 8/13/11 2:35pm

Terminator Vs. Grizzly Bear: Who Wins? And Can Khan Come Back?

The latest Terminator novel features Terminator-vs-grizzly-bear battles, train robbery, Terminator snowmobiles, a Terminator train, and dogsled chases. We asked writer Greg Cox about who'd win a Terminator/bear fight, novelizing Final Crisis and whether Khan should be in the next Trek. » 12/17/09 2:40pm 12/17/09 2:40pm

Snakes On A Plane Director Tackling Alien Redneck Massacre Movie

Picture Deliverance mixed with I Spit On Your Grave, only featuring aliens, and directed by the guy who did Snakes On A Plane. That's Humpty Dumpty, a 3-D horror film that's just gotten greenlit by Mark Ordesky's new production company, Amber Entertainment. David R. Ellis, who just directed Final Destination 2 in… » 4/27/09 4:30pm 4/27/09 4:30pm

We're Starting To Think Cloverfield Has No Monster

Paramount released another photo from the upcoming Cloverfield yesterday, and it's nothing less than completely pointless. The poster for the movie tells us loads more than the above shot featuring actors Michael Stahl-David and Mike Vogel does. But leaking irrelevant pictures is typical Hollywood behavior. Still,… » 1/04/08 10:15am 1/04/08 10:15am