New Doctor Who comic shows the Doctor's ultimate weakness

The Doctor has worn many faces and played many roles on Doctor Who, but he has one constant: he always needs traveling companions. Some faceless, nameless superbeing is spying on the Doctor, in all his incarnations, before he stumbles on this crucial weakness in this sneak peek from the comic Doctor Who: Prisoners of… »1/31/13 3:20pm1/31/13 3:20pm

Ultra-Creepy Look at the First Forensic Scientists: Were the bones in the sausage factory human or animal?

We're all obsessed with forensic science nowadays, from CSI to Bones — but this amazing science had some pretty weird origins. A new show on the Smithsonian Channel, Forensic Firsts, looks into the history of early forensics — and we've got an exclusive sneak peek clip, dealing with some mysterious bones in a… »6/14/12 7:40pm6/14/12 7:40pm