SNL's Walking Dead sketch lampoons the racial politics of the zombie apocalypse

On last night's Saturday Night Live, host Kevin Hart attempted to join Rick's group while hiding a nasty zombie bite. While Rick, Carl, Darryl, and Maggie try to figure out whether their new potential recruit is turning zombie, Hart plays on their fear of being thought racists, which outweighs their fear of zombies.… »3/03/13 11:30am3/03/13 11:30am

Watch Saturday Night Live's Hunger Games Puppy Bowl! Doggies with knives!

This weekend, Saturday Night Live and guest host Sofia Vergara premiered their inevitable Hunger Games sketch. It was pretty painful. Not a knock to the actors, but come on! This show must have known they were going to need to pull a Hunger Games joke out of their hat at some point, and this was it. Thankfully, the… »4/09/12 10:00am4/09/12 10:00am