In New Neil Gaiman Book, Sleeping Beauty Is Woken By Snow White's Kiss

Neil Gaiman's upcoming children's book, The Sleeper and the Spindle, is a richly illustrated collaboration with artist Chris Riddell that retells the story of Sleeping Beauty. But this time the princess is rescued not by a prince's kiss, but by a queen's. » 10/13/14 10:30am 10/13/14 10:30am

The Official, Disney-Approved, Frozen Wedding Dress Is Finally Here

You can never accuse the Disney corporation of missing a merchandising opportunity. Crashing the money trains of both Frozen and the wedding industry, tonight Disney and designer Alfred Angelo unveiled the latest line of princess-inspired wedding dresses. » 10/08/14 9:00pm 10/08/14 9:00pm

9 Real People Who May Have Inspired Fairy Tales

Fairy tales and folklore come from a variety of sources, changing as they are told and retold. And some of these tales have been inspired by real historical figures, whose lives either formed the genesis of the story or altered it along the way. So what is fact and what is fiction? » 10/08/14 10:00am 10/08/14 10:00am

In Art Prints, Disney Villains Menace as Shadows

Artist Joe Alexander has created this gorgeous set of prints showing just how iconic the silhouettes Disney's animation has created. And my how they loom. » 2/16/14 2:00pm 2/16/14 2:00pm

Artist perfectly captures genderswapped Disney princesses

Animation student Miyuli decided to spend some time re-designing Disney princesses as their opposite gender. Now what needs to happen is a team up between these and the princesses in their princes' clothes. Come on, Internet! » 2/02/14 11:00am 2/02/14 11:00am

Dueling Movies: Two Films About the Same Thing at the Same Time

This weekend sees the release of The Legend of Hercules — and then later this year, we'll see a second Hercules movie. This seems to happen a lot: everybody gets the same bright idea at the same time, and competing films are rushed into production. Here are a ton of cases where weirdly similar films did battle. » 1/09/14 1:07pm 1/09/14 1:07pm

Stomp all over princesses in these Disney villain shoes

Shoe designer Kobi Levi designs all manner of quirky footwear—flamingo shoes with one stiletto tucked under, shark shoes that open into toothy maws in the back. His latest series, titled "Witch-Craft," pays tribute to three classic Disney villains through the art of the high heel. » 5/12/13 10:00am 5/12/13 10:00am

Gender-flipped fairy tale princes ditch their glass shoes and let down…

Yudi Chen has a series of wonderfully stylized fairy tale illustrations with one important difference: the genders of all of the characters have been reversed. That means that the Beast must win the heart of Beau, the evil king demands the heart of his stepson Snow White, and Rapunzel has the most amazing beard you've… » 2/02/13 4:00pm 2/02/13 4:00pm

Concept art for 1937's Snow White is gorgeous in its own right

We've seen so many iterations of Snow White over the last few years, but it's always lovely to return to Walt Disney's iconic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. These production illustrations, created by Gustaf Tenggren, the film's chief illustrator, go a long way toward highlighting the storybook wonder that made that… » 9/29/12 8:00am 9/29/12 8:00am

Behold the mutant creature who lives under your house, Wormface!

Cult Movie Worship is back with Spanish Snow White, a playful droid, Snowpocalypse, Schoolgirlpocalypse and the terrible, horrible creature known as Wormface! Behold the indie splendor. » 8/05/12 6:54pm 8/05/12 6:54pm

This is the most genius Disney villain cosplay we've seen yet

Today at Comic-Con we spotted this entourage of malefactors running as some kind of Disney Injustice League. The idea of Gaston scheming with the hunter from Bambi and The Horned King from The Black Cauldron is an absolute hoot. » 7/12/12 2:15pm 7/12/12 2:15pm

Princess and Wonder Woman running outfits are magical and sweat-proof

Sleeping Beauty isn't known for her high levels of activity, but with these running costumes, she and the other Disney princesses might get a different reputation. Plus, the sweat-wicking, anti-odor material keeps your costume looking fresh, even when you're drenched in sweat. » 6/17/12 8:30am 6/17/12 8:30am

10 Creepy Details Glossed Over By Modern Versions Of Fairy Tales

In the upcoming film Snow White and the Huntsman, that classic fairy tale receives a modern rejiggering complete with a guest appearance by Thor and (hopefully) a golem made out of poison apples. » 5/30/12 11:40am 5/30/12 11:40am

Watch Snow White invade every movie of 2012

Not content to star merely in Once Upon a Time, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Mirror, Mirror (not to mention all those Fables comics), Snow White brings her songbird-summoning voice and lips as red as blood to the rest of 2012's big movies, from Prometheus to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. » 5/26/12 11:30am 5/26/12 11:30am

Why we so desperately want Snow White and the Huntsman to be good

We need Snow White and the Huntsman to be good. It's moved past mere desire to a full-on burning inflammation in our fantasy loins. Why? Perhaps it's because what we've seen in the trailers so far looks pretty damn good. We were raised on Beastmaster, Willow, Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, but there's been a fantasy dry… » 5/22/12 2:43pm 5/22/12 2:43pm

7 Snow White and the Huntsman clips show off the Evil Queen's secret…

Holy crap do we want to ride the giant white stag Kristen Stewart is petting in these new Snow White and the Huntsman clips. The more fantasy elements director Rupert Sanders starts revealing, the more we're starting to swoon over tiny green pixies and The Queen's magical army of broken glass people. Even though… » 5/14/12 10:30am 5/14/12 10:30am

Muppets illustrations reenact classic tales and legends

The Muppets may have just returned to the big screen this past fall, but BOOM! Studios has kept Kermit and the gang in business, both in The Muppet Show comics and in comics where the Muppets retell existing stories. And David Petersen's Muppet mashup covers are delightful just on their own. » 4/28/12 3:30pm 4/28/12 3:30pm

These incredible posters illustrate two stories with a single image

At first glance, this looks like a poster for Harry Potter, but is there something more going on? These posters illustrate famous stories with minimalist images, but hide a second story inside. » 4/14/12 8:00am 4/14/12 8:00am