These geeky snowmen turn their yards into a weirder winter wonderland

Sure, you can roll your layers of snowy precipitation into a stack of three balls topped with a top hat—or you can put all that white stuff to a more interesting use. Take your cue from these aliens, robots, and monsters when planning your next snow sculpture. » 12/12/13 3:00pm 12/12/13 3:00pm

This Optimus Prime snowman is the size of an apartment building

Since early January, a crew at Hokkaido, Japan's Asahikawa Winter Festival has been carving out this 53-foot-tall bust of Optimus Prime peering over a wall. Given all that effort, it will be somewhat depressing to witness him inevitably transform into a grey puddle. » 2/07/12 12:30pm 2/07/12 12:30pm

This patent for a snowman's skeleton is the oddest thing you'll read…

Yesterday, inventor Ignacio Marc Asperas of Melville, NY was granted the US patent for an "apparatus for facilitating the construction of a snow man/woman," a.k.a. a snowman-shaped shell with which to cover with snow. That's a bizarre idea, but what truly makes this patent required reading is its totally non-technical… » 9/07/11 11:30am 9/07/11 11:30am

Fun and Fantastical Snowmen to Make Your Winter Bright

If you live in one of the snowy parts of the world, you could make a boring snowman out of three round balls. Or, you could take your cue from these folks and make snowy robots, aliens, superheroes, and monsters. » 12/24/09 11:00am 12/24/09 11:00am