China Miéville's recommendations for socialist science fiction fans

China Miéville is the author of The City & The City, Embassytown, and several other novels — and he's written academic treatises about Marxism. Sometimes, he mixes the two up. He writes about supernatural labor movements (in Kraken, the spirits of the dead go on strike) and interplanetary industrial revolutions.… »2/19/13 12:04pm2/19/13 12:04pm

Bulgaria's abandoned Socialist monument is secretly on the ice planet Hoth

We've looked at some abandoned Bulgarian Socialist architecture before, but never like this. This winter, photographer Timothy Allen braved snowstorms and horrific cold to shoot the UFO-like Buzludzha monument in the Bulgarian Balkans. The resulting pictures look like the lost Communist equivalent of Echo Base. »3/01/12 10:20am3/01/12 10:20am

Imagine an America Where Socialism is No Longer a Dirty Word

When I was a kid in mega-conservative Orange County, calling somebody a commie was like calling them evil: It was a term nobody understood, and therefore it meant everything amorphously bad. People didn't use words like "socialist" or "unionist" — it was just commie, or maybe (in my town) commie faggot. That's why… »11/03/08 9:02pm11/03/08 9:02pm