I Paid a UX Expert $100 to Get Drunk and Evaluate Gizmodo's Design

It happened late on Tuesday night. Of course I was working. "Have you seen this?" my colleague Chris Mills texted. He followed up with the link to a site where a rather devilish-looking UX professional promised to get drunk and evaluate the website of your choice. Only $75! I knew I had to do it, and that Gizmodo… » 3/26/15 11:39pm 3/26/15 11:39pm

Oculus Rift VR headset to be used in Sinful Robots 'erotic encounters'…

Fully immersive brain-jacked virtual reality sex may still be a few decades away, but we're inching closer with each passing year. The latest news on this crucial technological front comes in the form of a new collaboration between software developer Sinful Robot, an Irvine-based startup, and Oculus, a hardware… » 12/14/12 6:40am 12/14/12 6:40am

How SEO software is changing the way we read and write

Flustered pundits claim that blogging has changed writing forever, but they're wrong. You know what has really changed writing? Google search. Thousands of internet puppies are writing "content" that is perfectly optimized to rise to the top of search rankings. Search engine optimization (SEO) has become its own art,… » 4/16/12 2:58pm 4/16/12 2:58pm

A Computer Program That Taught Itself to Draw the Mona Lisa

These images represent four steps in one computer program's progress towards recreating the Mona Lisa using only 50 semi-transparent polygons. Swedish programmer Roger Alsing did this simple weekend project with genetic programming that resulted in a program that could generate, on its own, a pretty awesome likeness… » 12/10/08 7:30am 12/10/08 7:30am

Will Efficient Social Software Take Your Job Away?

Social software sites like Flickr and Digg aren't just distracting you from your job — they could actually make your job disappear in the next high tech economic revolution. Get ready to retrain yourself right now. A new book by NYU interactive telecommunications professor Clay Shirky, Here Comes Everybody: The Power… » 4/11/08 4:30pm 4/11/08 4:30pm

Iron Man Armor Now Comes With Proprietary Software

Iron Man! He's not just the kinda guy who saves the world from supervillains and Jeff Bridges with a shaved head anymore! No, now he's the kind of guy who's off crusading against... Linux? Wait, that can't be right. The latest interview promoting movie tie-in comic The Invincible Iron Man seems to suggest a more… » 4/10/08 11:04am 4/10/08 11:04am

All Visual Effects in 2008 Will Involve Gases and Fluids

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences handed out their "sci-tech" achievement awards today, you know the ones that they blur through during Oscar night with someone like Jennifer Garner saying "I was forced... er, had lunch with these amazing people last month, and here are the highlights" and so forth. We… » 1/04/08 3:00pm 1/04/08 3:00pm