A Princess's Plan to Bring Light to the 620 Million Africans Without Power

Many people living in Africa need electricity, but don’t have it. Luckily, something of a solar power revolution is afoot in Africa, triggering a wave of innovation from solar energy entrepreneurs. One of them is a princess descended from an ancient Mossi warrior, who stresses that the best way to combat this problem… »10/07/15 10:29am10/07/15 10:29am


Everything You Need to Know About Tesla's New Household Batteries

Tesla unveiled a new product line at its design studio in LA tonight. It’s called Tesla Energy and it’s a suite of batteries for homes and for businesses. The existence of the batteries has been one of the worst kept secrets of all time. But we are here at the announcement event and finally have some details. And… »5/01/15 3:33am5/01/15 3:33am

Hitting semiconductors with a superfast electric pulse massively increases their efficiency

Researchers from Kyoto University have discovered a new technique that could dramatically improve the efficiency of some semiconductors. They took gallium arsenide, and blasted it with a terahertz range electric field pulse for just a picosecond, which lead to a 1,000-fold increase in exciton density. An exciton is a… »12/22/11 11:30am12/22/11 11:30am

Ray Kurzweil uses math to prove that we have no energy crisis

Futurist and singularitarian Ray Kurzweil recently told PBS' Lauren Feeney that we don't need to worry about peak oil or carbon emissions. That's a relief. He's applied his "law of accelerating returns," developed to describe the way consumer electronics improve exponentially, to the field of solar power. Kurzweil… »2/22/11 10:40am2/22/11 10:40am

Solar-powered hornet is the Superman of the animal kingdom

Plants use photosynthesis to turn sunlight into energy every single day. This ability appeared to be completely unknown in the animal kingdom, leaving the living solar battery that is Superman as the only animal to ever harness the sun's rays for power. But now we've discovered that a type of hornet is doing its own… »2/13/11 6:00pm2/13/11 6:00pm

Scifi's Greatest Space Builders — And How We'll Copy Them

Click to view »8/18/08 1:20pm8/18/08 1:20pmOne day, when you hear someone is a construction worker, you'll have to ask whether he or she wears a spacesuit on the job. We're already assembling massive structures in space - like the International Space Station and Dextre, that got built in space this past spring - but space construction will soon…