Watch An Emormous 'Plasma Snake' Erupt From The Sun

Over the course of April 28–29, a gigantic filament, briefly suspended above the surface* of the sun, broke off and created an enormous snakelike eruption of plasma that extended millions of miles out into space. The event was both powerful and beautiful, another demonstration of the incredible energy and activity of… »5/01/15 8:30pm5/01/15 8:30pm


Watch a giant solar filament smash into your face with explosive power — in this NASA video

A couple of days ago, NASA's solar dynamics observatory captured this spectacular video of a filament of gas arcing in the sun's magnetic fields. This image shows what the event looked like in extreme ultraviolet light — basically, a tentacle of fire whipping around and blowing up. Writes NASA: »9/03/12 12:30pm9/03/12 12:30pm