A Distant Planet Whose Atmosphere Was Blasted Away by Solar Flares

You might think our own sun is turbulent — but it turns out we've got it easy. Astronomers have found a gas giant, 60 light years away from Earth, that's been hit with a violent flare from its star, blasting it with an intense wave of X-ray radiation. Because the exoplanet is so close to its sun, the radiation causes… »6/28/12 7:22pm6/28/12 7:22pm

Scientists come up with completely opposite theories about why the sun is weakening

For the last few years the sun has been kicking back and relaxing. A lot. Although a huge solar flare recently made headlines, the surface of the sun has been quiet lately. Sunspots have been more scarce than they've been in the last 200 years. All solar activity is low. And it looks like it's going to stay that way… »3/03/11 6:48pm3/03/11 6:48pm