The winners of this year's Sony World Photography Awards have been announced. The winners were selected from over 700,000 entries and feature everything from skydiving selfies and lightning flashes to hummingbirds and starry nights. Twisted Sifter has put together a spectacular gallery featuring some of the best images » 3/20/14 4:00pm 3/20/14 4:00pm

The finalists for 2014's Sony World Photography Awards are outstanding

Earlier this week, the World Photography Organisation unveiled the finalists for the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards. The images were selected from 139,544 submissions by photographers in 166 countries (the highest number of entries in the awards' seven-year history), and they are characteristically superb. » 2/08/14 10:00am 2/08/14 10:00am

Incredible "supercell" storm clouds loom menacingly above the plains of…

Few people realize that storms and clouds are often categorized into a variety of taxonomies — including families, genera, and even species — not unlike like plants and animals. Last Thursday, American photographer Mitch Dobrowner was named the 2012 Sony World Photography Awards Photographer of the Year, in… » 4/30/12 4:20pm 4/30/12 4:20pm