"Soon I Will Be Invincible" author Austin Grossman tells us about his two forthcoming novels

Today Mulholland Books announced it bought the next two books from Austin Grossman, whose 2007 novel Soon I Will Be Invincible won critical praise and devoted fans for its tale of a melancholy, neurotic supervillain. Grossman, an io9 contributor, talked to us on Friday about the six-figure book deal, what the books… » 3/07/11 1:00pm 3/07/11 1:00pm

The Weakest Superheroes Of Postmodern Lit

Superheroes have busted out of their pulpy roots, and now they're boldly leaping into a whole new era of postmodernism. It started with creators like Alan Moore and Grant Morrison, but now the postmodern trend has made the jump to actual literary authors of literature, who use the "modern mythology" of superheroes to… » 2/28/08 12:20pm 2/28/08 12:20pm