How Jurassic World's Sound Team Created Indominus Rex's "Annoying" Roar

Part of making the Jurassic Park franchise’s dinosaurs awe-inspiring is the sound design, and Jurassic World had to introduce the roars of a few new dinosaurs. In this video, the movie’s sound designers explain what animals went into Mosasaurus and Apatosaurus voices, and how the Indominus got that horrific screeching. »6/19/15 8:00pm6/19/15 8:00pm

Proof that all movie trailers use the same new damn sound

Before it was that Inception horn. You know the one, that BRAAAAM sound that strategically tingled your spine because you know something action packed yet suspenseful is going to happen. And now there’s a new favorite sound for movie trailers: it sounds a lot like pulling the power on something and hearing the noise… »6/01/15 3:00am6/01/15 3:00am

You Can't Appreciate These Movies Fully Without A Great Sound System

Science fiction movies are known for their amazing visuals, from majestic spaceships to desolate landscapes. But many of the best science fiction films use sound just as much as picture to tell their stories. Here are 22 films that you'll appreciate way more if you have a great speaker system to go with that… »3/17/14 4:24pm3/17/14 4:24pm

Practice your ninja skills with the Franssen Effect audio illusion

So you want to be a ninja. You've got the long samurai sword and the throwing stars. You've covered yourself completely in black clothes, leaving only a dramatic opening to set off your eyes. You are within springing distance of your enemy. But it's all for naught if you come clumping loudly up to your intended… »12/07/12 10:20am12/07/12 10:20am