Listen to the Dad Rock Version of The War of the Worlds

On this very night in 1938, a radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds may or may not have caused mass hysteria for American listeners. But there’s another War of the Worlds that scared me much more as a kid. For me, there’s the HG Wells version, the Orson Welles version, and the rock opera version by composer Jeff… »10/30/15 8:30pm10/30/15 8:30pm


Video proof that the Inception BRAAAM is being used in every trailer, everywhere

The Hans Zimmer Inception fart has become a staple of every movie trailer everywhere. Studios just can't stop filling their trailers with one BRAAAM after the next. And now someone has pieced together all the trailer BRAAAMS into one perfect, bellowing trailer. Fingers crossed BRAAAM gets its own movie sometime soon. »12/09/12 10:30pm12/09/12 10:30pm

Listen to Radagast the Brown's beautiful tune from The Hobbit soundtrack

Ah the weepy melodies from Howard Shore's Hobbit score are leaking out onto the internet, giving us all the old watery eye. Is there anything more beautiful than the soundtrack Shore puts together for Middle-Earth? Now the first song off The Hobbit soundtrack is out and titled "Radagast The Brown." So pull out your… »11/07/12 11:20am11/07/12 11:20am

Vertigo soundtrack makes the Joker's bank heist extra creepy

Christopher Nolan's movies have often been compared to Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers, and this video, which places the score from Vertigo beneath the opening scene from The Dark Knight, shows what a nice match Hitchcock's audio tastes are with Nolan's visuals. It also amps up the tension of the clown-faced bank heist. »6/02/12 4:30pm6/02/12 4:30pm