BioWare's Present For Dragon Age Fans

Did you play Dragon Age: Inquisition and love the tavern music as much as I have? Then you're in luck because BioWare has just made the songs available for free (and DRM-free) before they hit digital storefronts in two weeks! » 1/27/15 5:10pm 1/27/15 5:10pm

Watch The 2001 Intro With The Original Score That Kubrick Rejected

It's hard to imagine that 2001: A Space Odyssey would have its incredible cinematic impact without that classical soundtrack. But director Stanley Kubrick originally hired a composer to score the film, only to abandon the score in postproduction. » 12/25/14 8:30am 12/25/14 8:30am

Long-Lost Recordings From the Remote Parts of the World

In the mid-1980s, a documentarian named David Blair Stiffler traveled to the most remote parts of the Philippines to capture a series of field recordings—a fairly straightforward task made considerably more complicated by kidnapping at gunpoint and subsequent captivity. » 9/13/14 7:29pm 9/13/14 7:29pm

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes Score Is Entirely Made Of Ape Puns

Michael Giacchino did a wonderful thing when naming all the tracks on his Dawn of the Planet of the Apes score. The whole thing is just one pun after the next, including our personal favorites "Gibbon Take" and "Enough Monkeying Around." Check it out. » 6/30/14 7:45am 6/30/14 7:45am

Lion King Soundtrack Being Rereleased With 30 Minutes Of New Music!

This year marks that 20th anniversary of Disney's The Lion King. In celebration, Disney is rereleasing the Lion King soundtrack, which has 30 minutes of new music. That's right 30 minutes of new animal songs! The album can be preordered here. » 5/07/14 4:40pm 5/07/14 4:40pm

Listen to the Lego Movie song that will dominate your life

Take a listen to The Lego Movie original song "Everything Is Awesome" by Tegan & Sara and The Lonely Island, and get ready to have your brain assimilate to the Lego lifestyle. » 1/24/14 8:20am 1/24/14 8:20am

Listen to 23 haunting minutes of the Gravity score now

Steven Price of Lord of the Rings fame created quite an amazing knuckle-whitening score for Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity. And now you can listen to snippets from his work right here. It's made up of the kind of gut-punching bass notes that kept us on edge in The Thing. » 9/05/13 2:54pm 9/05/13 2:54pm

Get pumped to battle kaiju with the entire Pacific Rim soundtrack

Ramin Djawadi composed the theme song for Game of Thrones, and now we get to hear his mighty war music for Pacific Rim. The entire soundtrack is online, giving us a preview of the mood music for those kaiju vs. giant robot battles. » 6/29/13 9:30am 6/29/13 9:30am

Freaky alien artwork from the Lost in Space Japanese soundtrack

We don't have the tunes to let you groove along to the Swiss Family Robinson of outer space, but you can journey back to Lost in Space's hazardous alien worlds with illustrations from the Japanese soundtrack. » 4/14/13 9:30am 4/14/13 9:30am

Video proof that the Inception BRAAAM is being used in every trailer,…

The Hans Zimmer Inception fart has become a staple of every movie trailer everywhere. Studios just can't stop filling their trailers with one BRAAAM after the next. And now someone has pieced together all the trailer BRAAAMS into one perfect, bellowing trailer. Fingers crossed BRAAAM gets its own movie sometime soon. » 12/09/12 7:30pm 12/09/12 7:30pm

Listen to Radagast the Brown's beautiful tune from The Hobbit soundtrack

Ah the weepy melodies from Howard Shore's Hobbit score are leaking out onto the internet, giving us all the old watery eye. Is there anything more beautiful than the soundtrack Shore puts together for Middle-Earth? Now the first song off The Hobbit soundtrack is out and titled "Radagast The Brown." So pull out your… » 11/07/12 8:20am 11/07/12 8:20am

Vertigo soundtrack makes the Joker's bank heist extra creepy

Christopher Nolan's movies have often been compared to Alfred Hitchcock's thrillers, and this video, which places the score from Vertigo beneath the opening scene from The Dark Knight, shows what a nice match Hitchcock's audio tastes are with Nolan's visuals. It also amps up the tension of the clown-faced bank heist. » 6/02/12 1:30pm 6/02/12 1:30pm

Vote for the greatest science fiction theme song of all time

Welcome to the first io9 music smackdown! We're putting together the ultimate science fiction (and fantasy) playlist — all the music that everyone should have on his or her iPod. » 8/31/11 4:26pm 8/31/11 4:26pm

Six clips from Hanna will suck you into the bloody assassin fairy tale

Teen-assassin movie Hanna from Atonement's Joe Wright has the goods: a Chemical Brothers score, gorgeous locations (perfect for Wright's long shot), immense talent, fairy-tale undertones, and action. And we've got a collection of clips that showcases each of these assets. » 3/28/11 6:30am 3/28/11 6:30am

21 stills and the Chemical Brothers soundtrack take you inside the…

We've got five of the best tracks from The Chemical Brothers' score for Hanna, and a handful of violent stills. Hit play and get sucked into the mind of a child assassin for a few minutes of of your day. » 3/22/11 6:30am 3/22/11 6:30am

Singing Disney Princess enthusiasts, your time is now! Tangled…

Finally a Disney Princess movie we can sing along with! Tangled the computer-animated retelling of Rapunzel, has released a handful of clips along with its catchy soundtrack. Take a listen to Donna Murphy kill it in "Mother Knows Best." » 11/16/10 11:01am 11/16/10 11:01am

First look at Daft Punk inside Tron City, plus an all-new digitized…

Here's the first official picture of Daft Punk on the grid in Tron Legacy. Also, take a listen to their latest Tron track "The Game Has Changed," on the TRON Facebook page. » 10/12/10 11:00am 10/12/10 11:00am

Watch the Inception concert with Hans Zimmer live right here

Tonight, guitarist Johnny Marr and Hans Zimmer will perform live from the Inception red carpet. And you can watch it all streaming live right here! The duo will be playing the booming Inception soundtrack, backed by a 20-piece orchestra. » 7/13/10 4:30pm 7/13/10 4:30pm

Listen to the full vampire-centric True Blood soundtrack

With songs like "Howlin'," "Bad Blood," and "Fresh Blood," what's not to love? All jokes aside, the new True Blood soundtrack is full great tunes from Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello to the Eels. Take a listen. [EW] » 5/21/10 10:30am 5/21/10 10:30am

The Top 10 Weirdest Songs From Superhero Movies

Mika's single for Kick-Ass continues the cherished tradition of musicians penning (often absurd) songs for superhero flicks. Here are some of the best and/or worst songs from comic-book cinema. And no, that Nickelback song from Spider-Man ain't on here. » 4/26/10 5:40pm 4/26/10 5:40pm