Does "Source Code" live up to Duncan Jones' first movie, "Moon"?

When Duncan Jones' indie SF tale of a lonely clone on the Moon hit theaters back in 2008, it was a revelation. It proved that science fiction didn't need elaborate special effects to pack a punch - great ideas and inspired acting worked better than millions of dollars of CGI. The big question was whether Jones could… »3/14/11 4:00pm3/14/11 4:00pm

Chris Hemsworth explains what it takes to play Thor. Plus the first official description for J.J. Abrams' Super 8!

Paramount has released the first official description for J.J. Abrams's mysterious project Super 8. Chris Hemsworth explains the responsibility of playing Thor, while the Robocop reboot gets a screenwriter. Plus updates on Fringe, Doctor Who, True Blood, Chuck, and more! »3/11/11 9:00am3/11/11 9:00am

Bill Murray admits he's holding up Ghostbusters 3. Plus awesome new photos for Thor and Captain America!

A Captain America writer confirms the movie features villainous Nazis. Bill Murray says he's singlehandedly delaying Ghostbusters 3...but considering the latest casting rumor, we can't really blame him. Will Transformers continue without Michael Bay? Plus a new Source Code trailer! »2/24/11 9:00am2/24/11 9:00am