Man Blames Wife for Stashing 21 Pieces of Female Genitalia in Freezer; She Disagrees [Updated]

There just isn’t anything about this story that isn’t horrible, so naturally we’re here to share it with you. A Danish man was arrested in his Bloemfontein, South Africa home after his estranged wife tipped police with this grisly fact: he had 21 pieces of female genitalia stored in his freezer. »9/24/15 6:30pm9/24/15 6:30pm


Behold, the world's first known "strawberry" leopard

You're looking at the only known example of what conservationists are calling a strawberry colored African leopard. The big, pink-hued cat — which makes its home at South Africa's Madikwe Game Reserve — is affected by erythrism, a poorly understood genetic condition that causes him to either overproduce red pigments… »4/13/12 4:40pm4/13/12 4:40pm