Behold The Terrifying Real-Life South Park From Last Night's Episode

Last night, South Park used Oculus Rift and The Matrix to fall into a virtual reality hole where nothing was what it seemed. And everyone was being told that their reality "wasn't real"—over and over, until we ended up just as lost as the kids. And then there was a twist. » 11/13/14 11:27am 11/13/14 11:27am

13 Minutes Of Hilarious Gameplay From South Park: The Stick of Truth

Oh my goodness. Here I am, sitting in the Gawker Media offices on another Friday morning, just trying to get through the day, when suddenly Ubisoft releases 13 minutes of footage from South Park: The Stick of Truth and now I can't stop giggling at my desk and this is all quite embarrassing. » 2/14/14 11:11am 2/14/14 11:11am

This Week's TV: Guillermo del Toro's Cartoon Tribute to Classic Horror

There are tons of premieres on TV this week, including witches, werewolves, vampires, scarecrows and zombies. But the most exciting news might be two hours of Fringe's John Noble as the planet-eater Unicron. And a cartoon horror spoof crafted by the one and only Guillermo del Toro! » 9/30/13 9:00am 9/30/13 9:00am

This Week's TV: Carrie Fisher is the Ghost of Christmas WTF. Plus how…

Your first glimpse of the next Walking Dead includes Rick trying to explain himself to the others — and it doesn't look good. But also, this week's TV includes the beginning of the Christmas-themed TV movies — including one where Carrie Fisher is a cranky ghost. Meanwhile, Adventure Time is back, and trippier than… » 11/12/12 9:00am 11/12/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: The Most Epic Celebration of Joss Whedon's Firefly!

You may already know everything there is to know about Firefly — but you still might discover something new from the huge extravaganza airing this week. Syfy comes up with a novel explanation for where superstorms come from: ghosts! Also, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes proves once and for all that it deserved a… » 11/05/12 9:00am 11/05/12 9:00am

This Week's Must-Watch Television Event: a Monty Python Spectacular!

This week's episode of American Horror Story: Asylum is all about a massive storm devastating the Northeastern United States... coincidence, or demonic inspiration? Also, there's one of the weirdest-sounding Monty Python specials ever, combining animation and the voice of a dead Python. Ben Edlund is back, and doing… » 10/29/12 9:00am 10/29/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: The Biggest Wasted Opportunity in Ages. Plus Brand New …

This week on TV, the Venture Bros. are celebrating Halloween in their own unique style. There's the single best cast of a Syfy Original Movie you could possibly imagine, including one Star Trek star and Ernest Hemingway's grandkid. One of DC Comics' coolest characters is coming to Arrow, and Buzz Aldrin is playing… » 10/22/12 9:00am 10/22/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: Proof that We Live in a Golden Age of Television…

American Horror Story is back, and quite possibly twice as insane as last season. Plus Walking Dead ups the ante, proving that basic cable horror is a flourishing genre at last. We get an intense look inside the making of Hitchcock's The Birds. And it turns out that if you write to Dracula instead of Santa, you get a… » 10/15/12 9:00am 10/15/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: The Greatest Event in Television History! Plus 7…

What's on TV this week? The return of The Walking Dead, plus the premieres of The CW's Green Arrow TV show and the Beauty and the Beast revamp. There's the first ever airing of something they're calling Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. And learn how to make your own Viking sword! » 10/08/12 9:00am 10/08/12 9:00am

South Park shows how James Cameron saved us all from Honey Boo Boo

Convinced that the aggressive success of Honey Boo Boo and her family has brainwashed America, South Park sends out the "greatest pioneer" James Cameron to dive deep into the abyss and raise the actual taste bar back up, thus saving America from sketti-wrestling. » 10/04/12 9:15am 10/04/12 9:15am

This Week's TV: The One Show You Absolutely Must Watch This Fall

What does television have in store for you this week? The season premiere of Supernatural, with a brand new direction! The 100th episode of Adventure Time! MythBusters fact-checks James Cameron! Bullying in space and nudity at the mall! The Anti-Monitor and Red Hulk! Disco Medusa! » 10/01/12 9:00am 10/01/12 9:00am

This Week's TV: Fringe, Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and a dozen other…

This is an absolutely massive week of television. There are a ton of new shows premiering, including Last Resort and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But also, a ton of shows are coming back, including Fringe, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Person of Interest, and DC Nation. There's also a totally separate Star Wars » 9/24/12 9:00am 9/24/12 9:00am

Watch American History, a student film by South Park co-creator Trey…

Before South Park even existed in nascent forms, animator Trey Parker was making student films at the University of Colorado. And in 1992, Parker co-directed with Chris Graves American History, an irreverent overview of critical events in the history of the United States. » 6/11/12 12:20pm 6/11/12 12:20pm

Supergirl is grounded on Super Best Friends and Westeros is social…

Super Best Friends Forever returns this week, with Superman making a guest appearance and being a general party pooper. This week sees the first appearance of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Ultimate Spider-Man in SMC, Carol Ferris take on the helm of Star Sapphire, and an oddly nerdy interjection into the… » 4/28/12 7:00am 4/28/12 7:00am

Finn & Jake solve marriage disputes on Adventure Time and Ponies…

This week we welcome Adventure Time back to the lineup and include the Avatar spin-off Legend of Korra for the first time. » 4/21/12 7:00am 4/21/12 7:00am

Homeland security grills Megatron and Gamorrean Guards dance better…

We visit the Red Lantern home world this week, we see how babies are delivered in the Thundercats universe, and government officials question a former Ghostbuster on Transformers Prime. Also, MAD does an amazing job showing life inside of Jabba the Hutt's Palace prior the the Lucas CGI phase and My Little Pony:… » 4/14/12 7:00am 4/14/12 7:00am

Green Lantern Gladiator Games and the Death of Memes

This week in the world of cartoons, Hal Jordan steps into a gladiatorial arena to win the love of a princess, the denizens of South Park attack internet memes, DC takes a jab at Spider-man on Young Justice, and the ponies enter the world of blind item journalism. Really. » 3/31/12 7:00am 3/31/12 7:00am

The second clip is from last…

Saturday Morning Cartoons bring you clips from this week's episodes of …

For some reason, good ‘ol cartoons like we grew up with in the 80s and 90s (and earlier) don't come on during Saturday mornings anymore. Maybe it's because anyone who is awake and would watch is sleeping. But it doesn't matter, we've got you covered. In this week's installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we'll take… » 10/22/11 7:00am 10/22/11 7:00am

South Park introduces the HUMANCENTiPAD: part iPad, part Human Centipede

South Park's 15th season premiere is this Wednesday. In celebration the show has unveiled a new killer app: the HUMANCENTiPAD. Yep, it's just as gross as it sounds. » 4/25/11 3:00pm 4/25/11 3:00pm

19 Must Watch Summer TV Shows

Summer isn't usually known for its stellar TV series. But new True Blood, Futurama and the new Torchwood miniseries "Miracle Day" could make us stay indoors all season. Set your DVRs — here's our must watch list of Summer TV. » 4/21/11 1:21pm 4/21/11 1:21pm