What Happens If A Fire Ignites When Astronauts Are Heading Into Space?

Currently, the only route from Earth to the International Space Station for astronauts is by hitching a ride on the Soyuz spacecraft. But what happens if a fire breaks out en route to the station? Without fire extinguishers or normal firefighting tools, astronauts have special procedures to return them safely to Earth. » 5/18/15 11:30am 5/18/15 11:30am

This Cargo Run To The Space Station Is Starting With A Train Ride…

This Russian Soyuz rocket is getting ready to launch a Progress spacecraft to carry supplies to the International Space Station, and it’s oddly gorgeous. Update: A problem with sporadic telemetry and spacecraft control sent Progress spinning in space and thus far unable to rendezvous with the Space Station.
» 4/28/15 3:01am 4/28/15 3:01am

Did You Know Soviet Cosmonauts Carried A Bear-Killing Shotgun To Space?

Anything can happen during a launch or landing of a crewed spacecraft, and just in case the crew would end up stranded in a remote area of the world, astronauts and cosmonauts undergo survival training and carry survival kits. The kits contain items such as food rations, water, extra clothing, items for making a… » 2/08/15 7:30am 2/08/15 7:30am

Astronauts Arrive Safely At Station Despite Minor Spacecraft Malfunction

Despite a glitch with a solar array failing to deploy on Soyuz, three more astronauts arrived at the International Space Station on Thursday. Mission 41 is officially underway now that the station crew is back up to six people. The station is also once again at maximum capacity with five docked spacecraft. » 9/26/14 1:21pm 9/26/14 1:21pm

In Kazakhstan, cosmonauts must go through winter wilderness training to…

When cosmonauts and astronauts now return from a long-duration space mission on board the International Space Station, they are always coming home on a Soyuz capsule, landing in northern Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Steppe is known for its bitter winters (I just checked the local weather in Ayagoz, Kazakhstan and there is… » 1/21/12 3:45pm 1/21/12 3:45pm

This is either rocket debris lighting up the sky, or Santa…

You may have heard how a portion of the Soyuz-2 rocket destroyed some poor guy's house in Siberia. That wasn't the only shenanigan Soyuz debris pulled last weekend. A portion of the Soyuz rocket that transported three astronauts to the International Space Station flared up the skies over Germany, Belgium, and France… » 12/26/11 9:25am 12/26/11 9:25am

International Space Station Could be Left Empty by November

For personal reasons, I had to miss yesterday's NASA press conference, which gave an update on International Space Station operations following the failure and crash of a Progress resupply vehicle last week. When I returned home and saw the headlines about the briefing from other news sites, I thought, "Wow, everyone… » 8/30/11 7:00am 8/30/11 7:00am

A Russian cargo shipment to the International Space Station has crashed

An uncrewed Russian cargo shipment to the International Space Station crashed into Siberia just minutes after blastoff this morning. The Russian space agency is reporting that the Progress M-12M cargo ship (pictured above) failed to detach from its launch vehicle at the correct stage of the launch, and was… » 8/24/11 12:30pm 8/24/11 12:30pm