The 1950s Space Age style known as Googie lives on forever

The era of "Googie" design and architecture is half a century ago — but in many ways, it feels fresher than anything that's come along since. The optimism and brightness that comes out of these buildings and their facades still shines out like a sign of what humans are capable of when we believe. To see these Space… »5/10/12 6:01pm5/10/12 6:01pm

Coney Island's AstroLand Park Closing, A Victim Of The Real Future

For almost 50 years, AstroLand in Coney Island has been a symbol of our optimism about the Space Age and the conquest of the final frontier. But the park is closing this coming Sunday, a victim of a different vision of the future. Developers failed to reach an agreement with the park's owner, Carol Albert, over a new… »9/09/08 7:30pm9/09/08 7:30pm