Zookeeper is a horror movie about evolutionary biology

Everybody knows that talking-animal movies are really about the human condition. Marmaduke, Cats & Dogs, Yogi Bear... they all reflect human personalities filtered through the lens of silly animal stereotypes. They're like a kind of heightened reality. Or maybe they just celebrate our all-too-human masochism. » 7/08/11 8:30am 7/08/11 8:30am

Not Sure What's Worse, Evil Space Dogs Or Their Plush Counterparts

Puppy astronauts THAT TALK are trying to take over space, and rule the world. Don't let their kiddie voices and golden retriever faces fool you — these things are evil, and they must be stopped. Disney's new direct-to-DVD romp, Space Buddies (like Air Bud, I'm assuming) must be stopped before it gives the rest of… » 1/21/09 9:30am 1/21/09 9:30am