Unglamorous Space Catastrophes That You'll Never See in a Movie

We were all impressed with the dramatic trailer for Gravity, with George Clooney weathering an explosion on an orbiting space station and Sandra Bullock spinning off into the void of space. Things like that make good cinema. There are other space crises, though, that will never get their own movies. Here are some… »5/17/13 2:46pm5/17/13 2:46pm

Warp Drive Could Suck Our Entire Planet Into A Black Hole

The good news is, Italian physicists think it's possible we could travel faster than light by creating a kind of "warp drive," encasing a spaceship in a bubble and warping space, so that space itself travels faster than the speed of light. And the spaceship, safe in its bubble, could "surf" that wave of space. The bad… »6/12/09 6:30pm6/12/09 6:30pm