A Day Of Remembrance For Lives Lost In the Pursuit Of Space

Today is Day of Remembrance for human spaceflight, a day selected for its proximity to horrific moments when we lost astronauts during our quest to explore our solar system. On January 28th, NASA takes the day to reflect on the lives lost during their missions when things went catastrophically, unexpectedly wrong. » 1/28/15 6:42pm 1/28/15 6:42pm

Sierra Nevada Challenges NASA's Crew Transport Contracts

When NASA awarded crew transport contracts to Boeing CST-100 and the SpaceX Dragon v2, a lot of you asked, "What about Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser?" Sierra Nevada is asking the same question, filing a legal challenge claiming their craft was ranked equally proficient and a hefty $900 million cheaper than Boeing. » 10/04/14 1:37pm 10/04/14 1:37pm

Help Find The Kid (Now Adult) Who Inspired Virgin Galactic [UPDATE]

Back in 1988, Richard Branson appeared on the BBC show "Going Live!" and fielded a call from a kid named Shihan Musafer. Shihan's question: "Have you ever thought about going into space?" 26 years later, the commercial spaceline Shihan inspired is poised to launch its first flight – and Branson wants help tracking… » 4/11/14 8:20am 4/11/14 8:20am

How to Get Tax Breaks by Doing Things in Space

If you're a financial procrastinator living in the US, chances are that you're hurriedly working on your taxes in anticipation of the April 17th filing deadline. Wouldn't it be great if you could choose to support spaceflight with some of that hard-earned cash? You can't earmark your taxes for NASA, but there are a… » 4/15/12 8:30am 4/15/12 8:30am

How Fast and How High? A chart from when rocketships first blasted into…

The 1920s were the fledgling years of the real Golden Age of space travel, which lasted until the first few moon landings. Rockets were in all the news. Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon were every red-blooded kid's heroes at the same time Robert Goddard was being ridiculed in snarky articles in the New York Times—but… » 4/14/12 3:30pm 4/14/12 3:30pm

Teddies Boldly Go Where No Bear Has Gone Before

England’s newest astronauts are plush. Last week, the Cambridge University Spaceflight program sent four brave teddy bears into suborbital space as part of a program to get young people interested in space exploration. The experiment taught the children about the importance of proper insulation in space and created a… » 12/04/08 2:20pm 12/04/08 2:20pm

Russia's Space Program Could Crush the U.S. Over the Next Decade

When NASA retires its three space shuttles in 2010, US astronauts will have to rely on the Russian space program to gain entry to space and the International Space Station. Until 2015, when the Constellation program is scheduled to begin launching the Orion spacecraft, the US plans to purchase seats on the Russian… » 10/06/08 10:45am 10/06/08 10:45am

Dear NASA, Either Shut Your Pie Hole or Shove Some Cash In It

NASA officials are whining that the Russian space program is unsafe. True, the last two Soyuz capsules have had rough re-entries, but none of the crew got a scratch on them. In fact, last we checked the Russian space program hasn't had a death on their watch since 1971 (1967 Soyuz I crash pictured). NASA can't… » 5/21/08 2:05pm 5/21/08 2:05pm

Extreme Skydiver to Plummet 25 Miles to Earth

In a little over two weeks, skydiving specialist Michel Fournier plans to break the world record for the highest skydive ever attempted. If all goes well, he will jump from a balloon at an altitude of around 131,000 feet, or 25 miles above Saskatchewan, Canada. At around 115,000 feet his body will blow through the… » 5/06/08 9:30am 5/06/08 9:30am