Will we ever chow down on kibble made for humans?

Twice a day, I pour my dog a bowl full of kibble, a specially formulated blend of barley, lamb, herring, and few other goodies I'm told will fully meet his nutritional needs. Sorting out my own nutritional needs is a bit more complicated. As much as I appreciate the variety afforded me by the bounty of fruits,… » 2/24/13 7:00am 2/24/13 7:00am

Take a photographic tour of NASA's space food through the decades

It falls to NASA's Advanced Food Technology Project not only to ensure that the food astronauts eat in space is safe, nutritious, and palatable, but also to see that it's properly packaged for spaceflight, storage, and weightless consumption. While the AFTP is developing ways to keep food fresh for manned space… » 1/26/13 11:30am 1/26/13 11:30am

What’s on the menu for Mars-bound astronauts?

While we have a pretty good idea what the first humans will eat on Mars, we're a little less certain about what their meals will look like on the way there. Alas, because there are no drive-throughs between Earth and the red planet, food scientists are having to come up with innovative, healthy, and tasty food options … » 7/17/12 5:00pm 7/17/12 5:00pm

Gourmet Magazine's History of Space Food Reveals Our Ultimate Goal:…

Tiny red light-emitting diodes infuse potato plants with life even in the unnatural environment of a space station — fueling our brave hope that one day, astronauts will be able to make their own vodka. Food in space has come a long way, as a new space-food retrospective proves. » 5/21/09 1:30pm 5/21/09 1:30pm