This Guy Played Real-Life Space Invaders With A Laser Cutter

Space Invaders competes with Pac-Man for the title of the defining arcade game. But the 8-bit graphics always seemed a little unrealistic. So one engineer decided to make a real-world version, using lasers. » 3/22/15 10:30pm 3/22/15 10:30pm

Which Member Of The X-Men Is Guest-Starring In Deadpool?

Orphan Black's new season offers a look at what's in store for the Clone Club. An alleged extra on The Force Awakens teases some Han Solo dialogue. Plus, news from Fox's Minority Report show, Preacher and Supergirl. Lo, there are Spoilers in our midst! » 2/16/15 6:00am 2/16/15 6:00am

Space Invaders Movie Will Make Shooting At Rows Of Pixels Into A Drama

Of course Space Invaders is becoming a movie. What's not to love about a two-hour drama of shooting at rows upon rows of slowly descending aliens? This thing basically writes it self! » 7/18/14 3:40pm 7/18/14 3:40pm

A weird short film about the reality behind Space Invaders

What if the 8-bit creatures from Space Invaders actually invaded? That's what French indie filmmaker Thomas Lesourd has done with "Invaders from Space." The result is bizarre, and at times downright intense. » 12/09/13 9:40am 12/09/13 9:40am

Crowdfund comics about science and scientists, Ralph Bakshi shorts, and…

If you love science—and laughing both at scientists and with them—there's a great new Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal looking for crowdfunding. Plus, animator Ralph Bakshi has a new independent animated project, a crew of laser cutters is building Space Invaders chess sets, and a puppeteer is working on an… » 2/03/13 12:00pm 2/03/13 12:00pm

Snowy Space Invaders "crop circle" appears on a French hillside

We adore artist Simon Beck's geometric snow art, which he makes by simply stomping on fresh snow with his snow shoes. Usually, his designs are inspired by geometry or crop circles, but on a recent snow-stomping trek, he walked a trio of Space Invaders into existence. Fortunately, these guys are stuck there, so they'll… » 12/30/12 9:30am 12/30/12 9:30am

This short comic will make you feel sorry for Space Invaders

It's so easy to shoot at Space Invaders, isn't it? Those pixelated aliens want nothing more than to descend upon the Earth, one line at a time. But what if it turns out that Space Invaders are just like us? » 8/12/12 7:30am 8/12/12 7:30am

Photographs of video games acted out in the real world

Patrick Runte's photographs don't just imagine what old video games might look like in the real world — with blocky characters translated into three dimensions. They also imagine how those games might be played in our world — and they look like a good deal of fun. » 5/19/12 11:00am 5/19/12 11:00am

Realistic Space Invader is more Predator than cuddly alien

Say goodbye to your innocent childhood vision of multi-colored Space Invader bugs dancing happily across the sky. Character artist Tom Carruthers would like to replace it with a fang-filled piece of fleshy nightmare fuel. » 1/29/12 10:30am 1/29/12 10:30am

The Greatest Knitting Patterns in the Universe

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up in front of a fire and knit. But there's no reason those yarn projects can't celebrate our love for all things science fiction and fantasy. Here are 20 awesome free knit/crochet patterns. » 12/24/10 12:31pm 12/24/10 12:31pm

The Death Star t-shirt you need to party with geeks this weekend

Death Star plus Space Invaders equals awesome. And for $20 - yes, this is a classy, classy tee. Pick one up at MySoti (spotted on Hide Your Arms). » 7/09/10 5:50pm 7/09/10 5:50pm

Warner Brothers Wants Space Invaders To Attack You, But Slowly

Asteroids, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Missile Command... and now Space Invaders? Is no arcade game safe from Hollywood adaptations? Rumor has it, Warner Brothers wants to get into the neon green, slowly-charging aliens game. » 3/03/10 10:30am 3/03/10 10:30am

Fun and Fantastical Snowmen to Make Your Winter Bright

If you live in one of the snowy parts of the world, you could make a boring snowman out of three round balls. Or, you could take your cue from these folks and make snowy robots, aliens, superheroes, and monsters. » 12/24/09 11:00am 12/24/09 11:00am

The Secret War Against Afghanistan's Space Invaders

Adam Richardson has added pixelated alien invaders to actual war photos from Iraq and Afghanistan. And when the Space Invaders descend on a war zone, they find that they have more to contend with more than laser cannons. » 11/18/09 12:00pm 11/18/09 12:00pm

Meet The New HD Space Invaders

Wondering what Space Invaders would look like in the real world? This Threadless t-shirt by Jean Salamin reveals all. We're surprised that they're spaceships and not just weirdly shaped aliens, but we kind of like it. They're Real [Threadless]
(Via) » 11/07/09 10:00am 11/07/09 10:00am

Life Magazine Remembers the Space Invaders

Ryan Snieder blends a classic photo spread with a classic video game to commemorate those more innocent days when young men would grab their dog and their shotgun and bring home a Space Invader for supper. [Behance Network via GeekTyrant] » 9/21/09 9:30am 9/21/09 9:30am

Royksopp Video Chronicles Doomed Girl/Robot Romance

Fresh on the heels of their carnivalesque Space Invaders video, Norwegian electronica duo Röyksopp have created an epic romantic saga for our time in "The Girl and the Robot," their new single featuring Swedish diva Robyn. » 6/09/09 3:40pm 6/09/09 3:40pm

You Are Being Watched By Alien Phalanx Monsters

A video-game creature in London warns us that spy cameras are everywhere in public spaces. It's almost as if the proliferation of CCTV cameras were the real "Space Invaders," intruding into our lives whenever we go outside and subjecting us to intense scrutiny that might as well be a rain of laser blasts. The Space… » 7/09/08 11:40am 7/09/08 11:40am

You Can Only Delay, Never Stop, The Space Invaders

It's been 30 years since Space Invaders started, but the game is making a huge comeback. This year we'll see both Space Invaders Extreme for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable, as well as Space Invaders Get Even on the Wii, which lets you take control of the invading aliens and have them smash up cities. Like a… » 3/11/08 11:40am 3/11/08 11:40am