Chris Hadfield's "Space Oddity" Is Back After Copyright Wranglings

Remember Chris Hadfield's goosebump-inducing cover of "Space Oddity?" Well, after the Canadian astronaut's one-year agreement with David Bowie expired this past May, the video — which had amassed 23,489,187 hits — was taken down from YouTube. Now, some five months later, it's back. Here's what happened. » 11/04/14 7:30am 11/04/14 7:30am

Puppets add harmony (and silliness) to Chris Hadfield's "Space Oddity"

When Chris Hadfield sang his cover of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" aboard the International Space Station, he didn't have any puppets with him. The folks at Glove and Boots have remedied that oversight with this spoof video. » 1/20/14 5:30pm 1/20/14 5:30pm

Chris Hadfield sings "Space Oddity" in the first music video in space

Tomorrow, Commander Chris Hadfield bids farewell to the International Space Station, meaning we won't get our usual dose of his tweets and videos sent from space. But he's signing off with a little David Bowie. » 5/12/13 3:31pm 5/12/13 3:31pm

What if David Bowie's "Space Oddity" was a NASA mission?

We've seen Major Tom's foibles as a semi-depressing children book, but what if it was actually a by-the-book NASA operation? Let Killing My Lobster teach you why British people have been banned from the infinite of the cosmos. » 10/22/11 1:10pm 10/22/11 1:10pm

Read David Bowie's "Space Oddity" transformed into the saddest…

Andrew Kolb was so taken with David Bowie's famed space travel ditty "Space Oddity" that he wrote it up as a charmingly tragic kid's book. You can read the whole thing here. Hopefully after you're done scarring your kids with this book, Kolb will illustrate a version of "Diamond Dogs" that will assuredly freak out the… » 8/27/11 3:50pm 8/27/11 3:50pm

Ten Scifi Songs You Should Take to a Barren Asteroid

The year is 2199, and you've just entered the long phase of your thirty-year journey to the outer reaches of the galaxy. You're about to enter suspended animation when, oops, something goes wrong. You end up stranded an a decent-sized chunk of asteroid, and thanks to the technology of the future, you have a… » 1/15/08 11:00am 1/15/08 11:00am