Meanwhile in the Future: A Second Moon for Earth

This week on Meanwhile in the Future, we ask what would happen if Earth had a second moon. How exactly that happens I won’t reveal — you’ll have to listen! But once it does, there are some really interesting things that we might notice on Earth, from tides and the night sky, to the potential destruction of Earth. »5/19/15 1:03pm5/19/15 1:03pm


Space Pirates And Sex Mechas: The Best Scifi Hentai Without Tentacles [NSFW]

This green-haired alien girl can rip your clothes off AND make you super-horny with just a strobe-flash of her eyes. Some people think science fiction hentai porn is all about tentacle monsters, but they're dead wrong. There are mad scientists who transform women into super-evolved sex-monsters, androids who need… »8/28/08 11:00am8/28/08 11:00am