The Most Inspiring Space-Themed Murals From Ex-Soviet Bloc Countries

Across Russia and the Eastern Bloc, the Soviet side of the space race was celebrated in massive, colorful murals. And while some of them are starting to crumble, they still stand as inspiring visions of human progress. » 1/15/15 3:00pm 1/15/15 3:00pm

Must-Watch Short About How One Man Changes The History Of The Cold War

After his father dies, Edward races to his childhood home to uncover a secret that has been weighing on his heart for decades: What landed in his family farm in 1960 and how did his father's reaction to it alter history? » 12/08/14 1:20pm 12/08/14 1:20pm

Operation Avalanche Focuses On The CIA's Role In The Space Race

Operation Avalanche is a quiet little film, but it just got a whole lot of our attention. The premise is being kept under wraps, but we do know that it's allegedly about the CIA's role in the 1960s Space Race with the Soviet Union. Go on... » 5/28/14 4:40pm 5/28/14 4:40pm

Horrible Histories Explains the Space Race in Four Minutes

Tuesday was a sad day for those of us who live at the intersection of the Venn diagram "Lovers of sketch comedy" and "history nerds" because CBBC's Horrible Histories aired its very last episode. But before they went, they took the time to speed-talk their way through the Space Race. » 7/19/13 7:30am 7/19/13 7:30am

The Fading Grandeur of Abandoned Soviet Space Facilities

The Soviet Union launched Sputnik and gave the United States a run for its money in the Space Race. But after the U.S.S.R. went under, all of its brilliant Space Age facilities were left to crumble. Looking at the ruins is like gazing at a fallen space empire. » 3/21/13 3:11pm 3/21/13 3:11pm

The Grisly Failures of Project Albert, Precursor to the Apollo Space…

The earliest practical precursor to the human space flight program was Project Albert. It was a horrific failure, with nearly all its pilots unable to survive the ordeal. Of course, these pilots were monkeys. Still, their story — full of confiscated rockets, drugs, and desert skies raining body parts — is one of the… » 8/30/12 7:00am 8/30/12 7:00am

Could SpaceX land the first humans on Mars?

Today, SpaceX recovered its Dragon spacecraft after a successful journey to the International Space Station — thus proving that a private company can transport supplies, or maybe even crew, to the ISS. Everybody's saying this is the real beginning of the era of private space travel. » 5/31/12 1:05pm 5/31/12 1:05pm

The 1950s Space Age style known as Googie lives on forever

The era of "Googie" design and architecture is half a century ago — but in many ways, it feels fresher than anything that's come along since. The optimism and brightness that comes out of these buildings and their facades still shines out like a sign of what humans are capable of when we believe. To see these Space… » 5/10/12 3:01pm 5/10/12 3:01pm

Did the Germans launch a crewed rocket into space in 1933?

On October 29, 1933, the London Sunday Referee published a report from Rugen, an island in the Baltic Sea, just off the coast of Germany. Someone named Otto Fischer had flown inside a 24-foot steel rocket, to an altitude of six miles. Were the Germans really testing out a rocket that could carry people, nearly three… » 5/08/12 5:00pm 5/08/12 5:00pm

An Indian rocket blows up in mid air

Here's a fiery portrait of India's second failed launch of 2010. The GSAT-5P, launching a new geosynchronous communications satellite, broke up in the first stage and exploded. How did this happen? » 12/27/10 7:30am 12/27/10 7:30am

Last chance to see the beauty of the space shuttle Discovery in flight

Floridians have eleven more days to see the space shuttle Discovery on a launchpad at the Kennedy Space Center. On November 1, Discovery will blast off for the last time. » 9/21/10 9:44am 9/21/10 9:44am

Disney throws loads of cash at Bruckheimer's space race picture,…

Jerry Bruckheimer and Disney just paid a pretty penny for the new space race screenplay from Bruckheimer's usual writers. Which means we're due for a epic space film that may not be groundbreaking, but by god it will be entertaining. » 5/25/10 1:13pm 5/25/10 1:13pm

The Art of the Space Race

Over at Berg London, Megan Prelinger has an amazing essay about the design of advertisements for defense industry companies during the mid-twentieth century space race. Interestingly, socialist-inspired designs were used to advertise anti-commie missile systems. » 12/01/09 2:35pm 12/01/09 2:35pm

Warp Drive Could Suck Our Entire Planet Into A Black Hole

The good news is, Italian physicists think it's possible we could travel faster than light by creating a kind of "warp drive," encasing a spaceship in a bubble and warping space, so that space itself travels faster than the speed of light. And the spaceship, safe in its bubble, could "surf" that wave of space. The bad… » 6/12/09 3:30pm 6/12/09 3:30pm

Vote to Make Serenity Into a Real Space Vessel!

NASA is running a contest to name the new "Node 3" of the International Space Station, and Serenity is in the lead! Node 3 will allow several more people to live full-time in space. » 3/05/09 6:30am 3/05/09 6:30am

China Lands on the Moon - Sort of

On Sunday, the Chinese space program announced that their satellite, Chang'e-I, ended its 16 month mapping mission with a planned crash on the lunar surface, destroying the craft. » 3/03/09 1:30pm 3/03/09 1:30pm

India’s First Lunar Mission Proves a Smashing Success

India has officially landed on the moon. Today, the Indian Space Research Organisation advanced its first deep space mission, Chandrayaan-1, by releasing its Moon Impact Probe, which successfully crash landed near the moon’s south pole and opened an exciting new chapter in Asia’s space exploration.ISRO reports that at… » 11/14/08 2:28pm 11/14/08 2:28pm

Behold The Future Of Space Exploration — An Asian Space Race

We're finally getting a new space race — between China and India, which just launched its new Moon probe, Chandrayaan-1, today. China already launched its Chang'e orbiter last year, and "today we are trying to catch them, catch that gap, bridge the gap," the director of India's space agency told Reuters. But that… » 10/21/08 3:40pm 10/21/08 3:40pm

Cool and Crap Awards of the Week

At least two things happened last week in the worlds of science fiction and science. One was cool and the other was crap.

Coolest way to generate new technologies for colonizing the solar system while also demonstrating once again that China and India represent the future of the world: Last week, India's Chief of… » 6/21/08 2:49pm 6/21/08 2:49pm