This Is Why The Space Shuttle's External Fuel Tank Stopped Being Painted White

Maybe you’ve noticed that in older pictures of the once-budding Space Shuttle Program, the Shuttle’s giant external tank appears brilliant white instead of the rusty orange color we have become so accustomed to over the years. So what caused the tank’s change in color palette? »10/16/15 12:55pm10/16/15 12:55pm

Where did the records for the tiles lining the space shuttle disappear to?

Where did the records for the tiles lining the space shuttle disappear to? The database on the life of each and every one of the 24,000 tiles has itself gone missing. In some cases, NASA still has tabs on the tiles themselves, but some have made their way out into the world, both deliberately or on the black market. »7/08/15 12:30pm7/08/15 12:30pm

Did The Soviets Build A Better Shuttle Than We Did?

For some reason, my social media feeds lately have been filled with images of “Russia’s secret space shuttles” that have fallen into ruin. This is a little puzzling, since those shuttles haven’t been ‘secret’ for decades, and they’ve been in terrible condition for over 20 years. But that got me thinking — was it a… »6/24/15 6:00am6/24/15 6:00am

These Are the Sad Remains of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program

Russian photographer and urban explorer Ralph Mirebs just published one of the saddest photoseries on space exploration. He managed to get inside an abandoned hangar at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where two Burans—the prototype space shuttles of the Russian space program—are slowly decaying in their burial crypt. »6/12/15 1:13pm6/12/15 1:13pm

Space Shuttle Endeavour takes its final trip through the streets of Los Angeles

The retired space shuttle Endeavour rolled into its final home this morning, the California Science Center at Exposition Park. But before being put out to pasture, Endeavour got one final ride this weekend, through the streets of Los Angeles, treating locals to the surreal sight of a space shuttle in their midst. »10/14/12 4:00pm10/14/12 4:00pm