That One Time a Fire Almost Destroyed the Mir Space Station

Fire — it is one of the first technological advancements made by early humans, but it nearly destroyed one of humanity's greatest achievements, the Mir Space Station. In 1997, a fire aboard Mir endangered the lives of the crew and could have ended the decade-long effort and collaboration between Russia, Japan, the… »1/31/13 10:00am1/31/13 10:00am

Stephen Colbert’s DNA To Be Sent Into Space, Become Self-Aware

Click to view »9/08/08 3:00pm9/08/08 3:00pmFor those who can't imagine a universe without Stephen Colbert, there's good news. The satirist's DNA is going to be preserved for future generations, and perhaps future civilizations. Video game designer and soon-to-be space tourist Richard Garriott is adding Colbert's genetic code to the Immortality…

Twin Moonraker Space Stations in Orbit, Obvious Plot to Destroy Earth!

Robert Bigelow, owner of the Budget Suites hotel chain and head of Bigelow Airspace, has two functioning space stations in orbit around Earth. The older module, Genesis 1, just passed its 10,000th orbit, and both it and Genesis 2 appear to be functioning normally. It's pretty exciting that an entrepreneur can keep… »5/09/08 12:32pm5/09/08 12:32pm