Watch as SpaceX's Grasshopper scares the crap out of a herd of cattle

SpaceX has released a new video of last month's remarkable Grasshopper test flight in which the reusable rocket performed an incredible 300-foot lateral maneuver. The zoomed-out view puts the feat into better perspective — while also showing how effective the rocket is at terrifying the local livestock. »9/09/13 10:20am9/09/13 10:20am

NASA's latest Morpheus test proves it's got some catching up to do

NASA is currently working on a vertical landing system. And as you'll see in this video, it's anything but impressive — especially when considering that it fails in the first part of the video, that it's the 24th test, and the damn thing was tethered. Meanwhile, SpaceX is hopping rockets to a height of 820 feet. »6/21/13 9:30am6/21/13 9:30am

Remember that time Willie Nelson and Frank Sinatra teamed up to do a PSA for NASA?

You don't? Holy crap, have we got some glorious found footage for you. Featured up top is one in a series of vintage PSAs commissioned in the early 80s by the U.S. Space Foundation to "inform people about the many tangible benefits of NASA's space program." Today, NASA refers to these "down-to-Earth" benefits as… »12/04/12 7:00pm12/04/12 7:00pm