Future Astronauts Might Walk, Not Hop, On The Moon

Why do astronauts hop on the moon? After carefully watching hapless volunteers use a treadmill under variable gravity, researchers think it had more to do with the stiffness of spacesuits than anything else. » 10/06/14 11:38am 10/06/14 11:38am

Latest Fashion for the Stylish Astronaut

After popular vote, NASA has a new futuristic skin for their Z-2 space suit design. Incorporating electroluminescent wire and exposed rotating bearings, this is the technology-themed design. The design will be used for terrestrial testing, so get ready for some awesome photo-shoots. » 4/30/14 8:07pm 4/30/14 8:07pm

The Marshmallow Moon-Suit

Allyn B. "Happ" Hazard just looks so dang happy in his space suit, that it seems a shame JPL claims no responsibility for it. NASA never developed his design, but toy manufacturer Mattel knew it was too cute for words. » 4/02/14 4:20pm 4/02/14 4:20pm

Here's a little-known fact: You know the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on the first moonwalk? Turns out that suit was made by a bra manufacturer in Dover, Deleware. As Andrew Chaikin explains at Smithsonian, the seamstresses who hand-stitched NASA's spacesuits were used to devoting their needlework to an entirely… » 11/13/13 4:30pm 11/13/13 4:30pm

Space Suit X-Ray is Coil-Tastic

One in a series of X-Rays currently on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's "Suited for Space" exhibit, this unusual view gives the observer a peek inside an experimental space suit designed in the late sixties. » 8/01/13 2:20pm 8/01/13 2:20pm

An in-depth tour of the suit astronauts use to make repairs in space

If you've ever watched footage of a spacewalk, you've seen an astronaut outfitted in an extravehicular mobility unit (EMU), the spacesuit specially designed for astronauts working outside of spacecraft orbiting Earth at 17,220 miles per hour. » 7/08/13 11:30am 7/08/13 11:30am

A Movie About the Origins of the World's Most Famous Spacesuit

It's been eight long years since Apollo 13. We need our historically accurate space movie fix! Thank goodness Warner Bros. is cooking up a new feature, Spacesuit, based entirely on the creation of the Apollo spacesuits. OK, we're listening. » 5/28/13 9:40am 5/28/13 9:40am

Would Edgar Allan Poe have made a great astronaut, or the greatest

"The ninety and nine are with dreams, content but the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true. In space." » 12/20/12 9:40am 12/20/12 9:40am

This intrepid spaceman has gone to some seriously strange places

Start your week with a healthy dose of otherwordly weirdness, courtesy of surrealist illustrator Tom Colbie — because nothing cures a case of the Mondays like a sword-wielding centaur in a space suit. » 7/23/12 3:00pm 7/23/12 3:00pm

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Take A Peek At The Next-Generation Spacesuit That Will Be Used On Mars

Technology Review has a great article on a new generation of spacesuits - more flexible than previous ones - that will be used on the International Space Station and, later, for trips to Mars. Read the article or watchthis vid! » 1/27/10 1:00pm 1/27/10 1:00pm

The Award-Winning Spacesuit that NASA Will Use on the Moon

NASA has picked this new model of spacesuit, created by Oceaneering International Inc., to keep astronauts safe during the next moon mission in 2020. The suit, designed for rugged walking conditions, can be used for up to a week of Lunar travel. It will also be used for space walks outside the International Space… » 6/13/08 11:25am 6/13/08 11:25am

Mars Astronauts Will Have Smooth Moves

The first astronauts on Mars will most likely wear smoking fetish gear that draws on the designs of MIT professor Dava Newman. Time magazine just named her ultralight BioSuit one of the top 100 inventions of the year. The current generation of spacesuits weighs up to 300 pounds, thanks to gas pressurization, life… » 11/12/07 7:00am 11/12/07 7:00am