This Vast Ocean City Was Supposed To Be Our Salvation, But It Could Be…

In the near future, we'll all live in tightly packed arcologies, including ocean cities — where we'll shoot at each other and fire rocket launchers in the air. This gorgeous "seagoing eco-city" comes from the first-person shooter Brink. » 3/08/10 11:00am 3/08/10 11:00am

Architects Plan Housing For Abandoned Stretch of Bay Bridge

The San Francisco Bay Bridge, a marvel of engineering when it was constructed in the 1930s, is now crumbling and unstable. As construction teams work on replacing it with another bridge, architects suggest ways the abandoned span could be reused. » 1/13/10 8:00am 1/13/10 8:00am

Catalog Of Wonders: Our Most Amazing Triviagasms Of 2009

The worlds of the fantastical are full of recurring themes and strange ideas, and we love to find patterns in the chaos. Here are our 10 greatest lists from 2009. » 1/01/10 9:30am 1/01/10 9:30am

Ambitious and Unusual Buildings That Won't Join New York's Skyline

Dubai isn't the only city to see extravagant architectural projects fall by the wayside. Many of New York's more ambitious concept buildings, including a Frank Gehry-designed museum and this sky-high series of individual townhouses, also failed to materialize this decade. » 12/29/09 7:20am 12/29/09 7:20am

Bioshock Paintings Take Glourious Neon and Art Deco Underwater

Tim Warnock has provided concept artwork and designs for Watchmen and Harry Potter. Just for fun, he's created a series of stunning matte paintings that capture Bioshock's underwater city of Rapture in its glory days, all shimmering art deco. » 11/24/09 4:00pm 11/24/09 4:00pm

Digital Cloud Could Be London's Next Monument

London is currently auditioning ideas for a new tourist attraction as part of the 2012 Olympics. On the shortlist is MIT's digital Cloud, a self-sustaining observation deck made of transparent bubbles that broadcast information to viewers below. » 11/11/09 12:00pm 11/11/09 12:00pm

Simpsons-Style Megadome Could Save Houston

Taking a cue from The Simpsons Movie, a team of engineers wants to enclose Houston inside a giant polymer dome. But the plan isn't to keep pollution in, it's to prevent heat and storms from destroying the city. [via NextNature] » 10/19/09 3:06pm 10/19/09 3:06pm

Futuristic Proposals for Boston's Stalled Construction Sites

Many of Boston's most ambitious and expensive construction projects have stalled out, leaving behind unsightly construction sites. The Boston Globe has asked architects for their ideas for making the sites more useful and attractive. » 9/21/09 10:50am 9/21/09 10:50am

What Will Today's Cities Look Like in the Future?

What will the New Yorks, Londons, and Tokyos of tomorrow look like? Will they be technological Edens, grim dystopias, or entirely obliterated? We look at science fiction's take on the future of today's cities to gauge our urban future. » 9/16/09 3:31pm 9/16/09 3:31pm

The Desert City Inspired by Dune

Andrew Kudless proposed city is inspired by the Fremen sietches of Frank Herbert's Dune, and he believes that the principles for conserving and storing water on Arrakis can be applied to the American desert. » 9/15/09 6:30am 9/15/09 6:30am

The Otherworldly Architecture of François Schuiten

Belgian comic book artist François Schuiten is famous for creating rich and fantastical cityscapes, with shades of steampunk and Art Nouveau, envisioning a future dominated not by faceless office buildings, but by romantic and innovative architecture. » 9/14/09 8:20am 9/14/09 8:20am

Watch Whales from Your Living Room Inside the Bering Strait Tunnel

Powered by ocean currents and geothermal technology, an imagined tunnel spanning the Bering Strait lets you travel from Alaska to Russia while enjoying rich underwater views and the hospitality of a city built beneath the sea. » 8/11/09 11:37am 8/11/09 11:37am