Gelada monkey's yodel-like gurgling could reveal origins of human speech

As a group, primates aren't really known for their ability to create vocalizations, or sophisticated or complex sounds with their mouths. Yes, we humans have shown some talent in that area — what with the whole development of language and all that — but most apes and monkeys are unable to generate anything but the… »4/14/13 4:00pm4/14/13 4:00pm

Australia's Prime Minister issues a (tongue-in-cheek) warning about the coming apocalypse

Just because Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard knows that the world isn't going to end this month doesn't mean she can't have a little fun with the doomsday predictions. She recorded this video for Australia's Triple J radio and, in grand deadpan, warns us of the world's greatest apocalyptic threat: K-pop. »12/08/12 12:30pm12/08/12 12:30pm

How Science is Helping You Find the Word on the Tip of Your Tongue

You stop short in the middle of a sentence. Your eyes shift. You can practically feel your mind twisting, as it tries to wring out the word resting just behind your lips — but nothing springs to mind. While this tip-of-the-tongue phenomenon happens to just about everyone from time to time, rarely does it become a… »6/21/12 1:40pm6/21/12 1:40pm