How Is It Possible That Galaxies Are Moving Away From Us Faster Than the Speed of Light?


According to Albert Einstein, the speed of light is an absolute constant beyond which nothing can move faster. So, how can galaxies be traveling faster than the speed of light if nothing is supposed to be able to break this cosmic speed limit?
»10/13/15 10:30am10/13/15 10:30am


How Someone Measured the Speed of Light by Accident

At a time when many thought the Speed of Light was infinite, a few brave souls tried to come up with a definite number for it. Most of them failed. There was one guy, however, who wasn't even trying, but came up with a great way to guess. Take a look at how he took his measurement, and what it has to do with the moons… »12/13/12 7:00pm12/13/12 7:00pm

New experiment shows that time travel is even less likely than we thought

A recent experiment stomps on the dreams of many theoretical physicists, hopeful children, and Star Trek IV fans. After a series of tests that suggested we might discover a theoretical form of time travel, scientists hit a brick wall. Or they had hit a brick wall. Or perhaps they will. Tough to get time travel grammar… »7/27/11 9:30am7/27/11 9:30am