This Week's Comics Have Something For Everyone... Even Monkey Fetishists

It had to happen; after the relatively quiet weeks of yore, this Wednesday sees a deluge of good stuff to your local comic book store. Whether you're looking for secret histories of your favorite superheroes, happier times for your favorite cancelled TV shows, something to make you pretend that the Speed Racer »10/07/08 12:00pm10/07/08 12:00pm movie…

Speed Racer Could Have Been Star Wars, Says John Scalzi

In an interesting column over at AMC, scifi writer and film critic John Scalzi explains why Speed Racer is doomed not so much because of its content, but because of the changing economics of film distribution. He points out that when Star Wars went into wide release in 1977, it garnered the equivalent (adjusted for… »5/15/08 12:34pm5/15/08 12:34pm

Speed Racer is Rewardingly Weird, State-of-the-Art CGI Slapstick

The hype about Speed Racer has been fairly negative, and I can only guess that's because people still have a bad taste in their mouths from The Matrix Revolutions, the most recent film directed by Speed Racer helmers the Wachowskis. In addition, I think there's been a lot of skepticism about whether the director pair… »5/08/08 9:09pm5/08/08 9:09pm