Even the Muppets can't stand the Spider-Man musical

You know you're down-and-out when even venerable PBS productions are taking potshots at you. Such is the case with Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, which will be parodied mercilessly next season on Sesame Street. Those preschoolers will be in stitches. » 6/13/11 4:30pm 6/13/11 4:30pm

Evan Rachel Wood Web Slings Onto The Great White Way With Spider-Man

Smokin' songstress Evan Rachel Wood is teaming up with Across The Universe's director Julie Taymor to bring the zillion-dollar Spider-Man musical to Broadway. But what about the masked man himself? She's trying to convince Jim Sturgess (her ATU co-star). "We did the workshop together, but I don’t know if he can commit… » 12/11/08 1:52pm 12/11/08 1:52pm