Her: The existential movie about post-singularity video games

Having finally seen Her, I'm surprised to find the distinct lack of chatter this film is generating among genre fans. This film takes an existential look at the (potential? inevitable?) singularity, and shows viewers the future of video gaming. Be warned, there be spoilers here (although not about the main plot). » 2/02/14 11:56am 2/02/14 11:56am

Her looks so good you won't care about Joaquin Phoenix's mustache

A wonderful new trailer for Spike Jonze's upcoming movie Her has arrived, detailing more of the blossoming romance between a Scarlett Johansson-voiced artificial intelligence and a lonely writer named Theodore. I'm not sure which is the scifi part, though: that a man could fall in love with his computer, or that an… » 12/04/13 9:40am 12/04/13 9:40am

Spike Jonze's Next Movie: A Man Falls in Love With His Phone

Spike Jonze is back to making movies about grown-ups, after the bizarre and somewhat polarizing Where The Wild Things Are. And his new movie, reportedly titled Her, is commenting on our relationship with technology in a way that sounds really fascinating: A man falls in love with the operating system on his phone,… » 9/04/12 12:40pm 9/04/12 12:40pm

This short film by Spike Jonze is like Toy Story (but starring books…

Being John Malkovich director Spike Jonze — who recently directed that action-figure extravaganza for The Beastie Boys — has now collaborated with designer Olympia Le-Tan's and director Simon Cahn to animate 3,000 pieces of felt. » 10/22/11 3:25pm 10/22/11 3:25pm

Watch Spike Jonze and the Arcade Fire's 30-minute dystopian movie,…

Remember The Suburbs, the totalitarian-urban-sprawl music video collaboration between Being John Malkovich's Spike Jonze and indie darlings Arcade Fire? Now you can watch a much longer companion piece, Scenes from the Suburbs. Growing up sucks in a police state. » 6/28/11 2:30pm 6/28/11 2:30pm

Watch Spike Jonze's Robot Love Fable "I'm Here" Online

In Spike Jonze's 30-minute short movie "I'm Here," two adorable robots fall for each other...and fall apart for each other. You can now watch the entire flick online. Just don't be surprised if your optical circuits begin leaking tear formula. » 3/27/10 9:00am 3/27/10 9:00am