Now we really want to see Warehouse 13's H.G. Wells spin-off!

You might recall that Syfy gave the green light to development of a Warehouse 13 spin-off starring H.G. Wells a while back. Back when this was announced, we were pretty excited — but that was before we saw last night's episode, guest-starring Torchwood's Gareth David-Lloyd. » 8/09/11 3:54pm 8/09/11 3:54pm

Dollhouse's Unaired Post-Apocalyptic Episode Could Spawn A New Spin-Off

Even if we don't get any more Dollhouse after tonight's finale, that may not be the last we see of Joss Whedon's brain-warping vision. Sources tell E! Online that the final episode — the post-apocalyptic one which won't air on Fox, but will be on the DVD — may lead in an unexpected direction. It's by no means definite, … » 5/08/09 3:49pm 5/08/09 3:49pm