Upcoming Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies That Aren't Remakes, Sequels or Prequels

They're rebooting Spider-Man. They're remaking Total Recall. Sometimes, when you're in the middle of summer movie craziness, it can seem like every movie is based on an already-existing movie. But that's not really true — there are actually tons of genre movies in development that are new concepts, at least as far as… »6/27/12 2:15pm6/27/12 2:15pm

Storyboards make the abandoned Neuromancer movie look like a conventional action flick

People have been trying to make a movie of William Gibson's Neuromancer since the mid-1980s, and now Splice/Cube director Vincenzo Natali is trying to make it happen. But for a few years, Joseph Kahn, the director of tons of music videos plus Torque and Detention, was hard at work on a Neuromancer film. »11/18/11 9:40am11/18/11 9:40am

Follow io9 on Twitter and win tickets to a free screening of "Splice" in NYC

Want to win a pair of tickets to Splice, the movie about a pair of glamorous scientists and the sexy mutant they create? We've got 10 pairs to give away. Winners will receive a pair of tickets to a advance screening of Splice at a Manhattan theater on June 2 and a Splice prize pack. If you want to win, be among the… »5/26/10 4:03pm5/26/10 4:03pm