Zach Quinto in "The Search for (Someone Who Gives a Crap about) Spock"

I would have thought that between the Star Trek movies and Heroes, Zachary Quinto would be recognized pretty quickly if he walked down a crowded street. I also would have thought that if you went down that street and asked people if they liked Star Trek, there'd be at least one in 10 who did. Unfortunately, as Quinto… » 2/01/13 3:00pm 2/01/13 3:00pm

The most awesome Star Trek hoodie we have ever seen

I don't think I've ever seen a Star Trek hoodie that came complete with Spock ears, and that's why this delightful creation from Her Universe wins the internet today. Plus, the gold piping on the sleeves is great. Sure it's a little pricey at $60, but think of all the places you'll be able to wear it! Appropriate for… » 10/09/12 3:20pm 10/09/12 3:20pm

For $149, you could own this painting of an all-Spock soccer team

Who's in the mood for aesthetics? Okay, we see a few hands. Now, who's in the mood for aesthetics involving an entire football club populated by the same Starfleet officer? Whoa, we've never witnessed such a veritable hydra of arms! » 9/20/12 12:45pm 9/20/12 12:45pm

The Best Scenes From Insane Old Star Trek Coloring Books

It's been long established that children's coloring books are the apex of any and all science fiction narratives. Star Trek is no different, what with over two dozen coloring books to the franchise's name. Here are some select scenes for your enjoyment and/or confusion. Who wants to draw Geordi's visor? » 8/20/12 7:25am 8/20/12 7:25am

Nichelle Nichols reveals that the original Spock was a woman

What if our beloved pointy-eared science officer was actually a she-Vulcan? According to Nichelle Nichols — who played the gorgeous Lt. Uhura — Spock could have been a lady! How does she know? Because she auditioned for the role. Is there any grain of truth to this highly illogical reveal? » 12/06/11 8:20am 12/06/11 8:20am

Gaze into the soulless, dead eyes of baby Chewbacca and Luke Skywalker …

I'm not sure what compels amateur Geppettos to construct infantilized incarnations of say, Lord Voldemort, but hey, the world is a weird place. Right now, somebody is eagerly filling their entire Netflix queue with every episode of Home Improvement. It's happening, trust me. » 10/29/11 7:30am 10/29/11 7:30am

Are you as tall as a Dalek? Consult this 7-foot-tall science fiction…

Yesterday we discussed at what age it's appropriate to allow your children to watch darker science fiction classics. And once your kids get over their fear of Spock's eyebrows, you can chart their height on this nifty poster. » 3/29/11 7:30am 3/29/11 7:30am