Wow, Game Of Thrones Season 5 Is Even Darker Than We Expected

We kind of assumed this year on Game of Thrones was going to be as bitter and dark as graveyard-shift coffee. After all, it's based on the two ugliest books, A Feast for Crows and A Dance With Dragons. But we saw the season premiere last night, and it's even nastier. Here are our spoiler-free impressions. » 3/24/15 2:06pm Tuesday 2:06pm

Heads Up: The Next Gotham Was Written By The Tick Creator Ben Edlund

When Ben Edlund joined the writing staff of the Batman prequel show Gotham some months ago, it was an encouraging sign. Besides creating The Tick, Edlund wrote some of the best Firefly, Angel and Supernatural episodes. And his first credited Gotham script is also excellent. » 10/24/14 3:40pm 10/24/14 3:40pm

Spoiler-Free Review of Next Week's Doctor Who Premiere!

Steven Moffat is up to his old tricks in the midseason premiere of Doctor Who, airing a week from Saturday. "The Bells of St. John" marks a return to the overt creepiness of episodes like "Blink" and "Silence in the Library," mixed with some very Russell T. Davies-esque villainy. Here's our spoiler-free review... » 3/22/13 2:35pm 3/22/13 2:35pm

Fringe has a whole new lease on life

The most recent season of Fringe was polarizing, to say the least — the whole storyline where Peter Bishop was erased from time often felt like a long shaggy-dog story, aimed at throwing one last obstacle in the path of Peter and Olivia's true love. But the good news is, Fringe is back a week from today, and it's the… » 9/21/12 3:35pm 9/21/12 3:35pm

Why you should give Falling Skies another chance

Steven Spielberg launched two science fiction TV shows last year — in a time when science fiction seems to be a third rail of television. One was Terra Nova, a show about time travel and dinosaurs. The other was Falling Skies, a show about alien invasion and post-humans. There are two huge differences between these… » 6/15/12 9:00am 6/15/12 9:00am

Tonight's Fringe is like a pilot for a new and totally excellent show

This past season, Fringe got bogged down in exploring an alternate timeline where Peter Bishop didn't survive his near-drowning in 1985. As a result, Walter Bishop was sidelined, and everybody else was grumpier. In retrospect, it hasn't been my favorite season of the show — although recent episodes have shown more of… » 4/20/12 1:40pm 4/20/12 1:40pm

Our Spoiler-Free Verdict on Game of Thrones Season 2

Game of Thrones returns to HBO this Sunday, and at last our burning questions will be answered. For some of us, those questions include, "What happens next to Arya and Sansa in the wake of their father's death?" For others of us, they're more like, "How can a television show possibly capture everything that happens in… » 3/29/12 1:25pm 3/29/12 1:25pm

We've seen this weekend's Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes!

It's a big weekend for Doctor Who fans — first, there's the final episode of spinoff show Torchwood: Miracle Day, in which we finally learn what this long miniseries was all about. And then there's one of the most important Who episodes of the season. » 9/09/11 12:00pm 9/09/11 12:00pm

Life under alien occupation is one scary heartbreak after another, in…

We've seen the first seven hours of Steven Spielberg's new alien-occupation show Falling Skies, airing this summer. And the good news is, this could be one of the most thought-provoking and intense stories about alien invasion you've ever seen. » 5/04/11 2:23pm 5/04/11 2:23pm

Walter's challenges are just beginning, judging from tomorrow's Fringe…

We've seen tomorrow night's all-new episode of Fringe, and we're happy to say the show's continuing its winning streak. John Noble is still bringing the finest comic timing and raw pain to television, and Anna Torv's never been better. » 1/20/11 2:08pm 1/20/11 2:08pm

V Season 2: More of the Same

ABC's remake of the classic "alien trojan horse" show V comes back tonight. We've seen the first few episodes, complete with thrilling stunts, WTF moments and Morena Baccarin vamping it up. Here's our spoiler-free review. » 1/04/11 8:30am 1/04/11 8:30am

Spoiler-Free Review of Saturday's Doctor Who Special

Doctor Who seriously pulls out all the stops for Saturday's Christmas special, with a tale that manages to come up with a new twist on both Scrooge and time travel. We've seen it, and here are our spoiler-free first impressions. » 12/22/10 11:00am 12/22/10 11:00am

We've seen the next 2 blow-out episodes of Fringe!

Fringe has been ramping up the tension on its intense story of a war between two parallel Earths — but in the next two episodes, the action gets even spookier and more insane. Here's our spoiler-free preview. » 11/17/10 2:39pm 11/17/10 2:39pm

With season 3, Fringe becomes the most daring show on television

Fringe has already proven that it's willing to take its alternate-universe concept in shocking directions. But the first two episodes of season three have so many mind-blowing, thought-provoking, can't-believe-they-went-there moments, you'll have to watch them twice. Here's our spoiler-free preview. » 9/16/10 3:56pm 9/16/10 3:56pm

We've Seen The One Episode Of Fringe You Mustn't Miss!

One of the great strengths of Fringe has been the way it personalizes questions about the abuse of science through the character of Walter Bishop. And if you're as obsessed with Walter as we are, you can't miss Thursday's episode. » 3/29/10 11:30am 3/29/10 11:30am