The Secret Villain Responsible for Secret Wars Revealed

Since New Avengers #1 in March of 2013, the Marvel universe has had to deal with the Incursions — two universes colliding together and obliterating each other if one Earth isn't destroyed in time. This will eventually result in Battleworld and the Secret Wars. The reason given for the Incursions was that in one… » 3/15/15 11:03am 3/15/15 11:03am

Did The Next Batman Game Just Get Spoiled By Its Own Special Edition?

You know how it is with big video games these days, every one comes with it's own fancy 'collector's edition' filled with related paraphernalia. Batman: Arkham Knight is no exception - but it might be one of the few to potentially have a major plot point about it spoiled by said collectors edition. » 1/08/15 3:08pm 1/08/15 3:08pm

Damn it, Danger 5! Quit teasing us with your crazy awesomeness!

As post production wraps on the new series of Danger 5, the crew have been slowly releasing photos from filming on their facebook page, providing a tantalizing glimpse of the WTFery Australian viewers can expect to see in the coming months. The new series transplants the action from the pseudo-60's to the pseudo-80's,… » 6/24/14 5:07pm 6/24/14 5:07pm

We Need to Take a Deep Breath and Calm the Fuck Down About Spoilers

Few (highly manageable) frustrations are more vexing than having an episode of your favorite TV show spoiled before you can watch it. You learn a pivotal plot point before you're ready and suddenly you're experiencing all the Kübler-Ross stages of grief. It's an ugly situation. Unfortunately, it's also an inevitable… » 4/18/14 5:26pm 4/18/14 5:26pm

Which is Worse: A Game of Thrones Spoiler, or Detention?

A French mathematics teacher is said to have devised a powerful technique for keeping classroom chatter to a minimum: Whenever his class gets too noisy, he simply writes a spoiler from Game of Thrones on the board. As in: "Oh, you haven't finished reading A Storm of Swords? LET ME TELL YOU EVERYONE WHO DIES." » 3/23/14 7:45am 3/23/14 7:45am

Doctor Who season finale shows up in the mail a few days early

The BBC has been trying to keep a tight lid on the details of the Doctor Who season finale, but the episode has gotten out, not through the Internet but through the mail. It seems some fans have already received their preordered copies of Series 7.2, including the final episode, "The Name of the Doctor." » 5/12/13 4:30pm 5/12/13 4:30pm

New Doctor Who toys may give away Steven Moffat's next plot twists!

Steven Moffat delights in keeping Doctor Who fans on their toes — but you always know to expect a few things: 1) The Doctor's fame (or fake death) will be a major issue in his storylines. 2) There'll be some kind of temporal snafu that causes everybody to have to run around the same handful of sets over and over. 3)… » 1/30/13 3:30pm 1/30/13 3:30pm

Here is your possibly leaked Star Wars: Episode VII plot of the day

In celebration of the Earth's impending Mayan-mandated apocalypse, the good folks of the Reuters news agency decided to take a look at some Mayan temples, including the one seen in the background of the original Star Wars movie (on Yavin-4, to be specific). Tucked inside this little article was a bit of a thermal… » 12/19/12 11:40am 12/19/12 11:40am

What would Nightwing have looked like in The Dark Knight Rises?…

The Dark Knight Rises added a slew of familiar Bat-faces to Christopher Nolan's film trilogy, but one character who didn't show up was Batman's sidekick Nightwing. That didn't deter custom action figure sculptor John Harmon, who's designed the acrobatic hero for Nolan's cinematic canon. Spoilers ahead. » 8/03/12 6:30am 8/03/12 6:30am